Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Impossible

I wanted you guys to be the 2nd to know about this !!!
CL has launched LIPSTICKS
in 3 textures.

100's of shades it seems.

beautiful tube also.

but $90 a tube ?
seriously ? !!

please tell me if you would spend $90 on a new lipstick?

for awhile the only people who will have this will be the "jet set, actresses, singers, models"
all of whom have been GIVEN a sample or two.

I am definitely NOT sold.




Gorgeous lip sticks! I adore his shoes...ALL OF THEM! Maybe at $90 I should get a few sticks too. lol
Howe are you pretty Marcia!
Have a terrific week. I'm pinning.

Squeak said...

I wouldn't spend $90 on all my makeup combined!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Are you kidding? A big unequivocally no. I'm not sold either and I was in the business at one time.

Angela L Gunning said...

As lovely as the CL colors are I don't feel compelled to spend $90 a tube!

Emm said...

Nice colors, good graphic, and ridiculous pricing.

Rowan said...

As pretty as they are, (and the packaging is stunning!) when it's on the face, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the CL lipstick and any other designer brand. I've just checked on prices and the CL lipstick is being marketed at 150% more than for a Chanel lipstick. At that price, this is a lipstick to be brought out in front of others as a designer accessory, not to be put on discretely in the ladies room! Gorgeous as it is!
Actually Saks Fifth Avenue is also selling a limited edition nail polish for (are you sitting down?) $1011 (in Australian dollars) the conversion rate would be different in $US. Are they joking? That is one for the Kardashians and the bored wives of multi-millionaires. Interesting seeing what makes the world go around! I love luxury goods, but that's bordering on an obscene waste of money.
Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

La Contessa said...

I bet they FLY OUT...............I love my little REVLON STICKS from the drug store REALLY I DO!

Anonymous said...

Revlon lipsticks and Clinique chubby lip balms do it for me. I do know women who will post their Louboutin lipstick purchase on Facebook asap. Narcissism is rampant in this country. $90 would go a long way at the Salvation Army. Linda Klinger

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Oh, yes, they will fly out in NYC. Maybe LA if they get there. Not in Texas, I'm sure !!!

Emm said...

That's more than $700 in USD. And most of the cost of those things is for the packaging and PR and ads, not the ingredients, which are cheap.

Deborah Montgomery said...

If you hung it on a chain around your neck, it wouldn't seem so pricey as a necklace! But, I'll pass. Gold isn't my color anyway, haha!

helen tilston said...

Hello Marsha, It is beautifully packaged. Lovely to look at but no I would not spend this much on lipstick when there is so much choice for all budgets
Hope you are keeping well
Helen xx

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello Marsha!

I have missed coming to see you! NO!!! I would not spend $90 on this, although the colors are fabulous. I hope that you are well!

Anonymous said...

I might try one. Maybe.