Monday, September 28, 2015

Loving the Style.....

"Personal style is attitude, attitude, attitude.
It has to come from within."

Iris Apfel as told to Glamour Magazine

imagine having her STYLE !!!

or the style of this one

author's note
(except for the fur)
well, I do have 2 beautiful fox flings (from when I was at Sak's 5th Avenue)
 & they will be hard to give up because they add so much pizazziness,
but no more coat-wearing or purchasing, ever!



La Contessa said...

IRIS has got to BE STRONG TOO to hold all that weight!!!

Jennifer Connolly said...

Iris looks stunning but I'd feel like a clown in all that stuff. I'm much more the second style, in flatter shoes!
Have a great week!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Agree with La Contessa about Iris....
She must to be strong and very passionate woman!:)))

Debs said...

I think Iris is absolutely amazing, but I'm more style 2. Though it would have to be faux fur. :)

Anonymous said...

She has been doing all of this all her life! Most of us could never even want to pull this off! She travelled the world with her husband sourcing fabrics.......(dear god, the best company ever for amazing fabrics from little mills all over the world!); She once went to a wedding in India....and bought the necklaces off the elephant!

And wore them! I saw her the Met.....I flew back to New York just to see it...I went with my friend Mary...and I got there at the hours I stayed....writing...(no pictures allowed) and I went back the next day for another 7 hours) and I met her! I told her! She was charming...delightful, darling, and so flattered that a "young" woman loved her style....WOW!!

That was years ago!

She just lost her husband.....he was a hundred......if you can watch the lovely movie "Iris"! Go! Netflix....whatever......what a movie......she is a National Treasure!!


ci said...

That spotted coat is awesome. Do ya'll think its real or faux. Would have to be faux for me. Still, how chic to match your dog!!

Susan said...

Moving to Chicago nineteen winters ago from Savannah, I nearly froze to death walking on Michigan Avenue a few blocks to a restaurant for dinner. The next day my husband insisted on buying me a full length mink coat that I lovingly wore for the next ten years. I had it trimmed downed and redesigned and continued to wear it another two years. It has now become a luxurious throw for the sofa or the end of the bed in winter. When I have grandchildren it will be made into teddy bears.
It has now become a luxurious throw