Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The BOHO/GYPSY Vibe in Fashion

is this for taller girls only?

1st, let's leave off the headpiece unless you're in Siberia in the deep snow,
where it would look really good, by the way.

but, let's do consider the MAXI DRESS
below, from Kenzo

below, Dries von Noten
one of my personal favorites...I've been wearing his outfits from the beginning as they look good on
my 5'7" frame, and no matter how porked-out I get they still work somehow.

do you like this look at all?
even if you think you can't wear it because of your height please consider it for appeal on others.



Josephine Chicatanyage said...

I do like the shawls wraps and ponchos and the wide trousers but all worn together may be a bit too much of a good thing.

Emm said...

I like the second picture, there's a balance of lengths and texture, you can see the person inside. The first one, even without the headdress, looks as if the model got crossed with a bag lady. And I'm taller than you are, so that's not an issue.

La Contessa said...

KENZO = YUCK........