Monday, October 5, 2015

"By Invitation Only" October 2015

International Blog Party
Hello everyone, we thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on what,
to each one of us,
is our "take everywhere,"  "can't leave home without it,"
item of clothing 
or Fall accessory.

plus we have a new member of our international group:

Laura Wilson
La Dolce Vita Culinary, Cooking Classes, Shop, Escorted Vacation Tours


find our more about her HERE

ok, now for my "item" I can't leave home without...

I thought I would just make a little list of the things that are almost always with me:

my solitaire diamond stud earrings
(I always wear them, the stones were my grandmother's & mean so much to me).

a big long long scarf, pashmina or cashmere to wrap around me
(these items are truly beyond wonderful, & oh so useful)
check out the alpaca one at The Arrivals, 7ft long/$95.00

leopard booties with a slim heel 3" high

midi leather pencil skirt

black tights

Kindle, CellPhone,etc.

 ( when I leave town no matter where I'm going I take it)

OK, now on to current affairs, tonight I'm attending the dinner party for all of Houston's
consular officers & their spouses, so it should make for some very interesting conversations.

Univ of Texas Longhorn football stinks this year
so do the Houston Texans (so sad for JJ Watt)
but, since I'm also a huge fan of the New England Patriots I have reason to be really happy.

we are experiencing the first of the Fall days's invigorating!
already wearing transitional apparel.  YES !!

there are pumpkins & bales of hay everywhere around town, giant huge pots of beautiful chrysanthemums in every color possible greet us in the front of all the grocery markets
& plant nurseries.  pumpkin spiced latte...yummy.
& it's starting to get dark earlier.

please visit all the other members of
who have linked in below to see what they're up to,
we all love to hear from you, our precious readers.


  1. You are just so glamorous and chic Marsha! How I wish I could wear those Leopard heels you describe! Happy Fall!

  2. Oh Marsha ..... I'd love to see you ' out and about ' in Houston { or anywhere for that matter } You must cut a fine figure when you're out . Wishing you the most wonderful evening { photo's ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! }
    ..... and a very warm welcome to Laura.
    Enjoy your Autumn fashion Marsha. Much love to you .... I've been enjoying Pumpkin spiced latte at a certain coffee shop too !! XXXX

  3. Marsha, what about the Texas Rangers heading toward the World Series? True it's a long way away still, but we're still playing! I know...I'm not a fan of baseball either, but when the home team is doing well, you gotta love me!
    Your list of take with items is interesting! My one item to take to a deserted island is lipstick! Don't want to look pale or pasty! Have great fun at your dinner. Let us see u dressed up, please!

  4. YOU ARE READY and have a SOIREE TO ATTEND!!!!!Good thing YOU doNOT have my BOOT to accessorize for that!I am UP early and here trying to LINK UP but that MISTER LINKY and I do not share the same ACCESSORIES!
    Please "HOOK" me up...........and a BIG HELLO To the NEW LADY LAURA!!I will GO READ about her RIGHT NOW!
    FALL Is here too but still's the light in the sky that changes here.........quiet BEAUTIFUL.HAVE A WONDERFUL time and do take some SNAPS with that PHONE of YOURS to share with us even if it's the POWDER ROOM ONLY!!!!XO

  5. Ah, Tish mentioned leopard footwear too! Two peas in a pod... ;)

  6. Hello Laura, I wanted to subscribe to your blog but could not figure out how. Nice to meet you.

  7. How lovely to have a new member! Fantastic!

    Now about those leopard booties with their slim 3" heel (the ideal height)... pictures? designer? (You knew I would zero in on the footwear...)


  8. Has a very big smile on my face when I road about you list,Marsha!:)))
    Wel,almost can imagine what do you mean and it feels like I know you many time!!!
    So warm and really GOOD feeling....

  9. A nice warm pashmina is a must for sure....those leopard booties sound fabulous but I could not wear them! Great topic! Can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say!!

  10. Please tell me what is the music selection you are using for your blog?


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