Friday, October 2, 2015

Tom Ford Blazes A Totally New Trail for Spring 2016

behind a creative mind, a beautiful creative mind, 
there is always a quest for "newness & innovation."
what you did know you can improve on yesterday even though yesterday was great.
this is what drives creative people.
seeking perfection, and their perfection is always elusive to them.

his Spring 2016 collection was presented as a music video.
a brilliant music video, I think.

Lady Gaga did the music, led the runway parade of professional models, all dancing
instead of walking.

go ahead 
click right here to see it all



La Contessa said...

JUST NOT INTERESTED.............LADY GAGA does nothing for me!

Rowan said...

I liked the video format in lieu of the normal catwalk presentation. I could've done without Lady Gaga's bare behind though. I don't know that it contributed to the clothes. At least it broke the mould of how a fashion showing has to be presented.
Thanks for showing it, Marsha!
Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

Acf57 said...

Thanks for sharing, amazing creativity

La Petite Gallery said...

Marsha, where is that music from? I know it and can't place it. Is it Out of Africa??
Did you see the Post on Houston? Yvonne