Monday, March 7, 2016

Man & Dog


flat-coated Retriever puppy

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Gentleman Bob White

every time I see a dog I smile,
doesn't matter where I am 'cause I/m a complete sap for animals.

every year I appreciate their part in our lives more & more
...I simply cannot live without them !!

how about you guys ???


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

This picture definitely tugged at my heart strings. Our household is also a sap for animals. My daughter has just placed an order for a labrador puppy and our rescue cat rules the roost! We couldn't live without our pets - they are also #1 for our health and wellbeing :)

Our French Oasis said...

We couldn't live without our two dogs, as I write this, 11pm here in France, they are curled up on the rug by the fire, totally content! They are a part of our family and constant companions and when the weather is horrid and I want to stay inside they are the reason I don my hat and coat and still walk in the cold and rain, and thank goodness I do, because once I am out there I love it!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Quite simply; I would die without a dog. right now; I have three....and a cat.....who has such personality!

May we always have dogs!!!

Linda Kerr said...

The older I get, the more I appreciate and love animals. We have two stray cats we took in a few years ago and I can't count the ways they make us smile here in our "empty nest". They have helped our marriage as well. I also adore dogs, bunnies, and practically all animals. They are sometimes so much more likable than some people!

Cleo from Jersey said...

Well, Marsha, right on with this one. I, too, love animals! They are the best friends one can have. Sometimes, when I don't think I need it, they do something that totally makes me laugh, and suddenly I realize how much better I feel. Big, small, cats, dogs...I love them all! Angela Muller

La Contessa said...


therelishedroost said...

Please send immediately!! xo K

Rié Moratto said...

They are so dear aren't they? xx Rié | Portobello Design

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I'm with you on this! Absolutely can't resist a dog. That really is the sweetest picture! x Sharon

Marie-Anne Duarte said...

I love this photo. Thank you for sharing. Since my two children have left home, my rescue dog - a border collier/Labrador is my soulmate. I even took him on holiday to the sea. It was one of the best holidays ever. :)