Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Houston - The 1000-Year Flood This Week

probably, most of you have heard of Houston's flooding Sunday night & Monday morning...

there was so much rain pouring down in such a short period of time the water literally
had no where to go...

I looked out my 3rd floor window and the run-off on one side of our building looked like
Niagara Falls, all running right into our basement parking garage.

So at 4:45AM my phone went off announcing a FLASH FLOOD WARNING,
we've had a garage flood before, in fact not even a year ago, so in my PJ's
& slippers I went down to the basement in the elevator to see if it was
taking on water...thankfully, at that time, it wasn't.

10 minutes later one of the other homeowners came around knocking on all the doors,
telling us the garage was flooding...this is how fast it happened.

you should have seen all of us down robes, etc., wading in ankle-deep water to get to our cars so we could drive the up and out to the surface parking.

the photo above tells it all, except you're seeing only ONE small area of town...when the entire city and outlying areas all looked like this.

no one moved anywhere on Monday.
everything was closed, everything.

Tuesday, I went to open the shop, we had almost no traffic and neither did anyone else.
but you know businesses, the owner's all think they need to open...
it doesn't matter if you're a service station or a luxury baby store, we all opened, if possible.

we are facing even more rain today, Wednesday.
it's very very overcast, high humidity and 70f

Lordy, Lord...what's happening to our Earth?

I'm well, so is my family, thankfully.



Elizabeth Day said...

So glad you are safe and sound. So sad that there were fatalities in this flooding. We have had torrential down pours in Shreveport but not the flooding we had a few months ago. Stay safe and look forward to a pretty weekend.

C.J. said...

Marsha, how are u doing?? I hope high and dry. You havent had to move out of your home have you? Let us know how its goong.
Did u get married? Ie. Scott?

Barbara Novello said...

So sorry you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please stay safe and dry.

Judy Castaillac said...

What a terrible situation. Here Texas has too much water and we in California could use a lot more. I hope your family is safe and that your car didn't float away.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Thoughts and prayers for all. Stay safe

Anonymous said...

I spent 10 hours in the Charlotte airport that Monday, the 18th, trying desperately to get a flight to Houston. Not a chance! I finally got out Tuesday morning, only to fly into such low fog that even the pilot was nervous. Rain Tues/Wed/Thurs before my daughter's wedding weekend. Then, lo and behold! The God of Wedded Bliss parted the clouds on Friday so we could have a perfect evening for the rehearsal dinner at The Grove, and then gave us a glorious day on Saturday for the wedding and outdoor reception at the Houston Zoo. And wouldn't you know it... it rained again on Sunday. I am so humbled and grateful to have had one small window of good weather when it mattered to my sweet girl. To those affected by floods following the deluge, my deepest sympathies and compassion. Having experienced even a fraction of the downpour Houston suffered just before my arrival, I can't imagine how much more frightening it was for you! Best wishes.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you are ok!!!