Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Is It About Designer Handbags?

the yellow above is Dolce&Gabbana,
the gun-barrel hinges are a hallmark

The thing about bags is that they're kind of a no-brainer. 
There are no issues with fit, 
like there are with clothing,  and even shoes and accessories.

 A nice bag can elevate what is otherwise an inexpensive and utilitarian outfit. 
And most bags are utilitarian to some extent. 

I need to carry a bag around anyway, why not make it something I like?

So, this is where I start...with the idea that women need a receptacle in which to carry stuff.

But, WHO carries a designer bag & WHY do they carry it?

This is a seriously serious conversation, ladies.

  •  You can carry the same bag for years and rarely would anyone question your wardrobe. Clothing and shoes are assumed to be changed occasionally or seasonally. 
  • Second, bags are body-type-bias-free. No matter what your size is, there will always be a bag for you.
  • Third, bags are lower-maintenance. Of course there are certain guidelines you should follow to maintain your Chanel flap or Celine luggage but it's nowhere near a couple of hundreds each time dry cleaning a LV coat made of fur + cashmere + sequin altogether (Vogue September 2009)
  • Fourth, status symbol. Even when the bag you carry is not a household name, the leather quality that shines says it all.

When it comes to fashion most women will buy anything if they think the quality, aesthetic appeal, and (in this case) implied-status are worth the price 

(...and let's remember that men aren't exempt from this kind of mentality either, they just tend to go for the kind of consumer goods that appeal to testosterone, like cars and watches). 

The current ideas of quality, artistry, status, and a reasonable price for such are defined by the fashion industry.

 A beast which by its artistic, elitist nature is very insular, selective, and in possession of an extraordinary amount of influence over the images and "norms" we're exposed to every day. 

When something gets popular in the fashion world there's never usually an equally fashionable counter-option, and the thing kind of takes off and takes over. 

The industry is a strange mix of innovation and herd-mentality. 

What the fashion industry does the celebrities embrace, shortly followed by the socialites, fashionistas, and wannabes. And when all those people get on the bandwagon the general female populace soon hops on too since by that point it has become, for all intents and purposes, the standard (unless you want to be, *shudder* unfashionable).  

It's like any luxury good.
 Do you really need that flashy car when a Honda Civic will serve you just as well?  Why is one white rock (say a diamond) so much more valuable than another (like cubic zirconia) even though they're functionally the same? 

It's all silly consumerism, shaping people's beliefs about what's desirable and normal, and inventing a monetary value for it that they can get away with.

The moment any girl, of any age, of any appearance and clothing choice 
picks up a designer handbag, she has achieved important "status."

& with our apparel, or way of dressing, becoming so casual,
one is immediately elevated by a designer, or really any excellent-quality,

“ justthedesign:
“ Just The Design: Felicia Akerstrom is wearing a H&M top with Topshop jeans and wedges from NLY
www.fashionclue.net | Fashion Tumblr, Street Wear & Outfits
& a Chloe Drew Bag

can you imagine dressing as our younger counter-parts do when we were their ages?

goodness, our Mothers and Grandmothers would have been shocked.
we were all perfectly turned out.
now, perfectly turned out is designer sweats, athletic apparel,

in fact, I often wonder if it makes me "look" older when I'm seriously well-dressed?

your turn now,
what do you think?

for me, I have a few designer bags, all gifts, all a few years old,
all still in perfect condition.

the handbags I sell are reminiscent of the designer bags,
being so well-crafted, but definitely NOT the designer prices,
& I think the ladies who rush to purchase them are very happy with
their own little piece of heaven.

albeit, I was gifting one of my girlfriends this past Christmas with a
beautiful Dolce&Gabbana black bag...I opted to carry it with me to
a party I was attending prior to Christmas...
you will not believe how many compliments I received about this bag.

voila !!



lydia said...

ARe the color totes still available?

La Petite Gallery said...

these are all great looking handbags, I see the chains are back,
like CoCo's used a few years back. yvonne

Lauren said...

I really love the last two bags!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

We both had bags on the brain!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Lovely bags Marsha ...... I LOVE th yellow suede one. I tend not to go for designer bags ...... I prefer one off's that you find at Fairs here. I think it's because I like to be different !!!
Hope all's well with you .... I never did get your email ! XXXX

La Contessa said...

I use to work in that field.........as you know and in SUMMER I opt for a BASKET THESE DAYS.Colorful,SMART and PRACTICAL.I can stuff some groceries in it if need be.
I was recently in a CHANEL boutique with my STEP MOTHER she was inquiring about a bag.The chain shoulder strap wouldn't be useful for her as she likes to carry it in her hand.I have to say the CHAIN BIT LOOKED CHEAP!!!!!!!!!Even for a CHANEL.The cost of this bag was $4,000.00 I did not care for it but I let her decide.She looked at me and said, "WHAT SHOULD I DO?"I said, "THINK ABOUT IT!!!"Right she says to me lets go to the shoe department WE WILL BE BACK she then tells the SALESWOMAN..............

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Ils ont tous un charme particulier ces sacs !
Gros bisous

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I am always reminded by the saying quality not quantity. I think one can never go wrong with the classics and style that works for you and your life. Their are beautiful pieces out their like your bags that do not cost an arm and a leg and still look fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you are keeping cool, it is hot and muggy here!

Ginny said...

Somehow, right now, a designer bag seems pretty trivial and unimportant as well as appallingly shallow.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm so old school I still think shoes and purses need to match...lol. Mine do, sort of...brown leather with brown leather, etc. Bags and shoes are an important accessory, even for a farm woman.

Didi McCormick said...

How do I pre-order the bag you just posted? Also are the color totes still available? I can't seem to open your "Shop" when I click on it. Please advise.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Didi, please email or call me, I have almost everything still in stock.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Yes, they are. Please either email or call me