Thursday, October 27, 2016

What Do Think of These ?

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the weather here in Houston is cooling so I know most of you are already feeling Fall's chill,
but it's a good thing, isn't it?

 this little piece is so versatile

make great gifts 
(so stock up, at this price they'll be gone in a flash)

wonderful to just throw on & walk out the door.

 they are snuggly, uumphy, soft...
would be so nice to wrap around yourself while you're reading in bed.

Ladies, these versatile knitted Ruanas/Ponchos 
are going to sell out at once.

We've been able to make a special purchase of these pieces.
they are a bit smaller (just a little bit) than the normal.
so they should work for the shorter girls.

one of my neighbors, who is 47, very tiny, threw one on and flipped it over her shoulder and thought it was great.
incidentally, she works in the Fashion Market in Dallas,
so she KNOWS good when she sees it.

3 colors available

the fiber is a blend of nylon & wool.


+ shipping 
USA & Canada only
only 1 shipping cost no matter how many you buy


NOTE:  TO ALL MY READER'S WHO PURCHASED THE NAVAJO-TYPE not worry they are on their way to you.   We sold so many more than we expected we had to RE-ORDER.


 one of my girlfriends and I went shopping Saturday...
exhausting !!
mostly I was looking for grand-children gifts, but you know how it is...we couldn't keep from going into the new Sak's 5th Avenue AGAIN.  The store is their premier store in the USA,
it's beautiful X10, the luxury of space on the main floor amazes, there's a bar there as well.
the 2nd floor let me down.  too crowded with merchandise in the bridge price point just struggling to breathe and, to me, it looks terrible.  the designer spaces are all boutiques, therefore, awesome.
but, when the 2 distinct price points crush up to each other it diminishes the 
experience, I think.   The restaurant is beautiful - it's on the 2nd floor as well, and one must walk down a long lovely corridor to enter; this removes the retail space from seeming like it's crowding the restaurant.  & so it's quieter too.


but now I know for certain my merchandise is PRICED SO LOW, compared to the items in the stores.

& remember the HANDBAGS !!!
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  1. I love these and have three of them that I wear all the time this time of year. Yours are gorgeous. I am quite tall so they would be too short for me-otherwise that blue/green one would be on my list. I am sure they will sell out fast- xo Diana

  2. I love these! I have several as well but if I was in the marked for a new one the green/blue is my favorite! Heading over to see your new shop.

  3. Marsha, they are lovely! Like Diana and Elizabeth, I have a similar one I bought in Florence a few years ago. I also use shawls I've knitted from wool to drape 'round me to stave off the cold.

  4. These are fabulous! What beautiful color combinations!!

  5. These are great- -and so practical!! I bet you will do very well with them😀


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