Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Do You Know What LUSHNESS Is ???

on hand and ready to ship

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lushness, to me, is total comfort, plush X10, 
softness, warmth, ultra-nice.

& I'm telling you right now these beautiful pieces
I'm about to show you are
to the highest power

beautiful, giant, square scarves
made of cotton & cashmere
55" x 55"
lots of solid colors and many patterns,
I LOVE every single one of them .
I have one sitting on my lap as I type, and believe me,
I don't know how I'll leave home without it.

the one below is the palest blush pink




 1 Left









za Winter 2016 Tartan Scarf bufandas Plaid Scarf New Designer Unisex Acrylic Basic Shawls Women's Scarves hot za scarf cuadros

only 2 left in stock

140x140cm Za winter acrylic cashmere tartan plaid scarf brand blanket shawl designer pashmina wrap stole for Lady Women Girl

here's Rachel Zoe wrapped up in one for Halloween
night with her children.  she's very very tiny, remember.

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I have many testimonials from purchasers of my merchandise,
all of whom are satisfied.
over the years we have about 1 in 100 shipments returned to us for credit, which we happily give if the merchandise is returned within 30 days of receipt.

these scarfs will SELL OUT
it's time for Christmas shopping to begin in earnest.
these pieces make a great gift for a new mom, for your daughters or daughters-in-law, hostess gifts, mom gifts, teacher gifts
etc. etc. etc.

$ 45.00 each 

(believe me, they are sold for much more elsewhere,
these are nice enough to be at Neiman's or Sak's)
they are a special purchase to me from my vendor.
we'll even gift wrap it for you at no charge

 to purchase, please click PAY NOW icon at top left sidebar
& choose your colors

or call with your credit card # & we will process it ourselves & send you a text receipt
leave a message, it's safe
USA & Canada only 

it actually looks like Fall in Houston today, OUR Fall, that is...
overcast and a chance of rain.



  1. Dearest Marsha, good evening! These are marvelous and the colors are sensational! Yes, I do know the feel of lush and now is the season to get cozy! Although I heard today that we are 12 degrees warmer than usual, and it's not as cold as I'd like it to start wearing scarves or shawls! But we are in Minnesota, and we'll get our cold in due time.

    It was a double joy today to see that you had come to my blog AND that you came to my Instagram! I did not know you had an account, and I look forward to perusing it tonight! Blessings to you, Marsha! Anita

  2. Marsha I agree, these are so lush looking and just browsing over them makes me excited for the cooler days ahead. It hasn't started yet here in Huntington Beach, tomorrow will be 79 degrees, although I'm glad you guys are getting some Fall weather in Texas.
    Hope your fur baby is doing well,


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