Thursday, November 3, 2016

MISSION: Impeccable

I've been talking a lot about LUSH and LUXURY for awhile,

also talking about our beautiful American-Style of dressing.

below, a perfect example


from the incomparable ESCADA, the designer line from Germany,
whose collections always appeal to me.
I love the aesthetic & the whimsy.

but most of all, when I wear these clothes they always remain perfect,
even if you're flying 10 hours.
they don't wrinkle, they don't catch lint, they are all natural natural fibers,
they are almost always classic lines with embellishments, so they last for years.
literally YEARS.

seriously, I have a beautiful Escada scarf, all wool, purchased back in the early 90's and it's
the matching blouse went away long ago because I literally wore it out !!

ESCADA, look at this line whenever you can, take a moment to to see if there is anything you would keep in your closet for a long long time, and take the plunge.
believe me, you won't be disappointed.



  1. So love that outfit!


  2. Replies
    1. Perfect. This is one time when I would splurge on the leather piece. I know it would last almost forever.

  3. German-made clothing is very good quality, perfectly cut, and forward thinking in style. When I'm in England I go to a small department store which carries several German lines and always treat myself to something I would probably never find here. We used to have an Escada 'outlet' here many years ago in the '80's when I was in the workplace (art/advertising so always tried to look elegant!). I've never seen another shop like it anywhere. It was like a little boutique and everything was discounted quite a lot. I bought several pieces of beautiful clothing there. They did wear so well and I had compliments always because they looked different and the fabrics were gorgeous - silk linen,
    fine double-faced wool etc.

    These pants are great - quite plain except for that tiny curved hem in the front which makes them special!

    Happy weekend Marsha - still so hot here, how about your neighborhood? I want to wear my chunky sweaters!

    1. Exactly right, Mary. The fabrics are the absolute best, and that is what makes the outfits so wonderful. I stopped buying a certain designer because everything he made attracted LINT, and who wants to be bothered with that. Escada's fabrics never catch link. For that alone it's worth the money. We have an Escada outlet in San Marcos, Texas. It's past season's apparel which has been consolidated from their stores when marked down significantly.


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