Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tall & Tan & Young & Lovely....

“Throwback to Haute Couture AW2016 with Bella Hadid shot by me at Versace

isn't it amazing how many sister-acts we now have in the limelight?

Gigi & Bella Hadid
Kendall & Kylie Jenner
Cara & Poppy Delevingne

that's Bella, above, at Versace....

yum yum yum, that gorgeous gown !!!



  1. Wow! What a dress, and those shoes!!!! She looks absolutely amazing. I'm chucking out that bag of chips I bought for the ice storm - I admit I went a bit overboard on snacks for fireside nibbling. I want hip bones like Bella's (in my dreams!).

    Hugs, Mary

  2. OMG!!! She looks divine in the dress. If only.............. ;-)

  3. A beautiful work of art.

  4. Hello dear Marsha
    Oh my goodness what a gorgeous dress,and one I could even wear! Bella is so beautiful, I like both her and Gigi but Bella looks so good in Versace.

    I love your title words, I posted the very same in my 'new year' thoughts on tumblr you can see if you scroll down...

    Sending love to you and happy weekend,
    Sally xx

  5. and the olsen twins! my sister and i are best friends and consider ourselves over the hill olsens...true! everywhere we roam, people ask if we are twins, and we mostly say yes because it makes them so remarkably happy. happy new year! xox

  6. Hi Marsha, yes she is divine in that red gown, but really, the shoes? I love the shoes but find them award looking with the blue silk as part of the dress, not a good match at all. I have no issue with shoes being the accessories stand out to an out fit, dress or gown, but as to being the third and forth color going on I just find it upsetting the gown.

    Bella and Gigi are following in their mothers great footsteps. My daughter and I watched them in the Victoria Secrets show and it was a great show.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was so nice to see you and return to catch up with an old blog friend. Time gets by and you mean to stop in and see what's going on with bloggers but so much social media these days to cover it all.

    I am off to catch up here and see what else you have posted.
    Will visit soon.


    1. Yes, I think the shoe could have been different, however it could have been a major theme of the entire show, making THAT shoe a constant throughout the collection. I'm going to look. Love the comment !!!

    2. OK, this gown is from the Fall/Winter '16 Couture Show and, yes, this shoe in either black or white did play a big role in the collection. It was used as an anchor to tie all the disparate pieces together, and probably also so the models wouldn't have to change shoes. When viewed as a whole collection it makes more sense. However, a real person wearing this gown would probably choose something more sedate & simple as the dress is a real show=stopper.

  7. I love Bella and Gigi, they are gorgeous! This dress is fabulous!


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