Monday, February 6, 2017

A Kiss on the Hand

may be quite continental


& so now that the NE Patriots HAVE WON THE SUPER BOWL,
my life can continue in a normal way...

& I was thinking this morning about what to wear ANYTIME
& be appropriate or MORE THAN APPROPRIATE,
I'm going to talk about the importance of  using/wearing
the REAL real...
like diamonds, for example.

I'm talking about DIAMOND STUDS today,
something you can begin with a small size & if you love them
trade them back in & buy something larger,
this is how I've gotten mine.
I can wear them every single day, with any outfit
& they make me feel great.
I used to wear them sitting by pools, with flipflops,
& no matter how horrible my hair was, etc. I felt good.

they sparkle
nothing else sparkles like a real diamond.
seriously, I don't care if I wear diamond rings, or bracelets any longer, but the EARRINGS are a must!
if you don't have any or you thought you didn't want a pair,
come on, now...
Valentine's Day is coming up !
ask for them !!!
or go get yourself a pair on your own.
I now know I need mine.
I COULD wear fakes, no one would know it,
but I would know it,
& as I said,
diamond's are a girl's best friend !

you can pass them on to your family,
they will never go out of style,
& they will always be cherished.
believe me.
believe me.



  1. ON VALENTINES DAY one day a few years ago.......a BIG ORANGE CAT came to wake me up as he always did.He sat about 4 feet away from the bed so I could see his new RED COLLAR with a HEART NAME TAG!OH, I EXCLAIMED.......MIJO DIEGO GATTO FANTASTICO come here you are MY VALENTINE!AS I held my cat and looked to see if the collar was TOO TIGHT I saw DIAMONDS!!!!!!And I thought to myself.........PAPA, MIJO DIEGO is a MALE CAT!Why on earth did you BUY a DIAMOND COLLAR for HIM!Then it CLICKED..........The DIAMOND STUDS were for ME.MIJO DIEGO was the DELIVERY COURIER.................................XX

  2. Hello Marsha
    I am so delighted for you!!! I nearly emailed at 3am ( uk time ) just to say how wonderful, and how happy I was to see your team win.
    It is such a special evening for you and I usually stay up until the half time show, Lady gaga was good this year. Although I don't know very much about American football I couldn't sleep so I watched till the end, it was very exciting.
    I saw Gisele! So happy for you and everyone who enjoyed it
    Like you, I love and adore diamonds......they truly are a girls best friend.
    Much love dear Marsha
    Sally xx

    ps. Beautiful story of La Contessa and il Gatto :)

  3. Diamond studs have been in my years for a few months now; haven't worn earrings that long in a long while. I must admit, I prefer the pearls Dave bought in China and had someone hand carry them to the USA...those are my Very Special Occasion earrings and necklace.

  4. oh La La, kill for these, well not really, but wow.....always gorgeous.....congrats on your Pats win Marsha ~

  5. I've been considering real diamond studs - as you say they are special and even if nobody else knows they are the real thing, you do, and that makes a difference! Sparkle is something we need in this often dark and dim life. We actually looked at some last weekend but I still have to decide - I'm tall, I'd enjoy at least 1ct tw at least - not cheap! Also I'm old and don't have time to await trading them up - I need to start out with the real deal, haha!!!!

    OMG - I'm not a sports person but my hubby is the biggest Patriots (and Rex Sox) fan - coming from New England. I actually watched the last 10 mins. or so with him and it was exciting to say the least - and then when he yelled and started jumping around I knew it was a special moment in sports history for him and many more!

    Hugs - Mary


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