Friday, February 17, 2017

Doggie Tear Stains? I Have the ANSWER !!"

Most of you guys know I have a beautiful Maltese doggie named BONO, 
after the rock-star of U2, Bono...

for years we've tried to get rid of the dark tear stains on his beautiful face.
nothing worked.

a couple of weeks ago I was in Wimberley, Texas and had to take him to the vet,
a NEW vet, as he had a bite or sting on his little tail, so we wanted to fix that

while she was examining him she said they had something new that might work to eliminate his dark stains.

I said, "CAN I AFFORD IT?"

we bought it, it's very inexpensive, and it works !!!

here it is

cranberry & lutein
are ingredients.


so, if you're having this problem with your beautiful pet's eyes ask your vet to get this for you.
we have tried all the other treatments, including only
drinking distilled water.  nothing worked.

this does.



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Your little furbaby is tres adorable!! this is great to know. My sister has a Multipoo - I will be sharing this with her. Happy weekend ..XO

Anonymous said...

Your adorable baby reminds me of my previous dog Lily she never had any problems with tear stains ,but now I have a Havanese Sophie and she is plagued with constant staining,, nothing has worked, so thank you for the information will call my vet on Monday.

Unknown said...

Marsha - That's a great find! I just checked and it and it is available on good old Amazon.

Bliss Bliss said...

Hi sweet Marsha, been awhile. I have loved loved all your purse offers ~ just trying to save a little now. I too have noticed these tear stains on most little pups when they are so clean and fluffy everywhere. What a great discovery and know Bono is happy too ~ LOVE this song by Neil Diamond ~ xo

Sandy said...

You canGoogle this and several websites (including Amazon) carry this product.

Cindy White said...

Marsha - What a wonderful discovery! I just checked and it is available on good old Amazon too!

La Contessa said...

BONO.........after THE ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Clooney said...

Marsha... thanks for the tip. I need cases of it for my two. Maybe it will work on my wrinkles too!! Have a great weekend.