Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fashion Week NYC

for FALL 2017
the best of the best, in my opinion

hopefully, we will see this on one of the movie stars at the Oscar's

as I've mentioned in previoius posts, the "suit" is back, the longer length jacket/blazer

for the 1st time in decades there is NOTHING to talk about from 
Oscar de la Renta
the house has a new designer ( ??? ) whose collection takes a nose-dive as far away from the
Oscar client as possible.  Maybe they are looking for a YOUNG client, but at the price point
of Oscar's collections that is gong to be very difficult.

woo hoo, almost the entire collection is super !
notice through out all the collections THE SKIRTS ARE LONGER

Mary Kate & Ashley



now on to LONDON

I love all of my readers so much...
I've been feeling alone for a few weeks,
& each time I receive a comment or email from one of you it makes me smile.

smiles are great !!!
thank you !!



  1. that fist dress is gorgeous! I hope we do see it at the Oscars. I hope that you are having a great week! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. I've always loved the longer classic blazer, and being tall can wear it well, but have not had one in many years and would enjoy it again - updated with satin cropped pants is a fabulous look. I may search for something like that - at a lower price point (think Zara) to wear for local theatre evenings! Longer skirts are lovely - especially for my age group - can only wear short ones with tights/leggings these days!

    Thanks for the fashion show Marsha - enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. I wore a brown crushed velvet coat, which I've had many years, to the theatre a couple of weeks ago and a lovely elderly gentleman came up to me in the lobby and complimented me on it - that was nice. So many people don't dress for the theatre - they come in jeans, even casual shorts - but I always try to look at least a little bit elegant!

  3. Hello again, hello dear Marsha
    That beautiful song gives me a feeling in my heart. I think of you and all the things we both like, I happened to click on your instagram the other day. So many shared loves, including the music ( yes,dancing to Saturday Night Fever !) fashion, flowers,gardens, animals especially your sweet dogs, ITALY che bello, and now this wonderful virtual world where we all get together to share these passions and smile. I hope none of us are ever alone darling Marsha
    Sending fond love to you
    Sally xx


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