Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Family Portrait

my daughter, Vanessa, just sent me this pic of my little 3 1/2 year old grandson,
as he walks the path around the little pond.

she was out for the day photographing the Texas Bluebonnet fields
& stopped in one of our parks so Colt could run around a bit.

he's blond, blue-eyed, fair skinned = just like ME
& a little rascal X10.

I love love love him so much.

couldn't wait to share.


VM Creation Atelier said...

How absolutely awesome is this, Marsha!!!
I have also grandson he is the same age.... and we are so far from each other....
The photography is amazing!!!
I understand you SO very much.....


Elizabeth Day said...

So glad you shared your adorable little man with us and a taste of those gorgeous bluebonnet fields. We missed them by a couple weeks.

Terra Hangen said...

Your grandson's name is the same as one of my sons. My dad and mom picked Terra as a girl's name and Colt for a boy, in years long gone by. I was born and named Terra, and when we had our first son my husband and I chose to name him Colt. Great photos of the bluebonnets and your grandson.

Deborah Carter said...

Such lovely photos, Marsha! He must be a joy for you!
Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

Our French Oasis said...

So glad you did share, he is absolutely adorable xx

Anonymous said...

Adorable boy, beautiful photos.

Your daughter shares her name with our second daughter,she is 6 ft tall which she hated when younger, now loves it... she gets it from her dad as I am 5ft3!!!!!
Grandchildren are a blessing, we have 15!!! not surprising with 6 children, unfortunately they are scattered all over the world...seeing them is not easy but they still occupy a special place in my heart.

La Contessa said...

BLUE BONNETS and BIG BOY..............= ADORABLE!!!!