Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Family Portrait

my daughter, Vanessa, just sent me this pic of my little 3 1/2 year old grandson,
as he walks the path around the little pond.

she was out for the day photographing the Texas Bluebonnet fields
& stopped in one of our parks so Colt could run around a bit.

he's blond, blue-eyed, fair skinned = just like ME
& a little rascal X10.

I love love love him so much.

couldn't wait to share.


  1. How absolutely awesome is this, Marsha!!!
    I have also grandson he is the same age.... and we are so far from each other....
    The photography is amazing!!!
    I understand you SO very much.....


  2. So glad you shared your adorable little man with us and a taste of those gorgeous bluebonnet fields. We missed them by a couple weeks.

  3. Your grandson's name is the same as one of my sons. My dad and mom picked Terra as a girl's name and Colt for a boy, in years long gone by. I was born and named Terra, and when we had our first son my husband and I chose to name him Colt. Great photos of the bluebonnets and your grandson.

  4. Such lovely photos, Marsha! He must be a joy for you!
    Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

  5. So glad you did share, he is absolutely adorable xx

  6. Adorable boy, beautiful photos.

    Your daughter shares her name with our second daughter,she is 6 ft tall which she hated when younger, now loves it... she gets it from her dad as I am 5ft3!!!!!
    Grandchildren are a blessing, we have 15!!! not surprising with 6 children, unfortunately they are scattered all over the world...seeing them is not easy but they still occupy a special place in my heart.

  7. BLUE BONNETS and BIG BOY..............= ADORABLE!!!!


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