Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Worth New York - I'm IN !!

this beautiful montage was posted to InstaGram by the President of Worth NY
Kelly Collins
whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person week before last.
she's pretty awesome, her personality is like a firecracker - 
she presented the summer collection to all of us stylists, holding up everything on herself like paperdolls, trying on a dress over HER dress.
so cute, and she is FAST FAST FAST

this is just to tell anyone out there if you want anything from Worth NY, and you don't have a stylist, please let me know.
the collections are beautiful, fashion forward apparel with a lot of good vibe,
in about the price point of Lafayette...

anything you order will be shipped the next business day and, guess what, 
you're not charged until the shipping department has your garments packaged up.

Some Enchanted Evening ❤️ (at Uptown Houston)

just FYI, that sequined skirt is wonderful X10



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