Tuesday, May 16, 2017



you know how difficult it is to find 

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I've begun packing up for the move to Wimberley, Texas,
it's between Austin & San Antonio in our beautiful hill country...
I may stay with my daughter for a little while until we find the perfect home for
me & Bono (my Maltese).

life there is just so wonderful & relaxing,
there are deer walking around throughout her neighborhool, then there are the most
interesting little shops & cafe's.

look carefully
“Don’t let your dreams be dreams (Source: http://ift.tt/2qQBZgP)

& I also think there might just be a MAN who could be interesting, maybe
looking for a woman to travel with or have a partner for dinner, etc.
it's not easy being on my own.

& to all of you with husbands,
take my word for it...no matter what they do...revere them !!!

“ Ione Del Gottero, Murgese filly. Photo by Christiane Slawik.

and, so now I've decided it is time to savor life's sweet moments, be more relaxed,
less formal, more comfortable and not so "dressed up"
...dinner parties at my home where everyone can just come as they are,
with open arms and love for each other's company.

my life, all of my life, has been a whirlwind.
dinners out 3-4 times a week, always dressed because all my friends dressed.
galas, which required ball  gowns, charity committments, contributions of every kind,
travelling often, etc etc etc.

 now my daughter & I are planning a trip by car to the Pacific Coast, to see Yosemite again, & just to drive along the shoreline up through Oregon.
no schedule, only to know we have a place to spend the night at where ever we land.
I want to drive because it's just so beautiful taking the road through the Northern

we can take Colt, her son who is almost 4, 
her husband, if he'll go,
& 4 dogs.

I want to take the dogs.  Is that coo-coo?

& then, I'll go back to Italy, maybe by myself.
I know Sorrento so well I wouldn't feel uncomfortable being alone,
and when you know Italians you are NEVER ALONE !!
“Dreaming of… Amalfi Coast, Italy.


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Your move to the hill country sounds perfect. After your busy life don't you feel like you want to slow down and relax? I hope that you find the perfect place for yourself and your pup and perhaps a man.

Your trip sounds perfect and if you feel like taking 4 dogs, go ahead! It will certainly be an adventure!

Thank you for coming by and for letting me know about the links! I fixed them and appreciate you telling me!

have a great night!

Mary said...

I just returned from the Sicily/Malta trip and am sick as a dog (sorry nice doggies). Did have a great time though and hope to be on the mend soon. BUT, Marsha, your blog is the first I'm checking now I'm up and moving about, I had no worthwhile Internet in the ship, and this is really a huge, and quite wonderful surprise! You go girl, life requires changes sometimes to keep our health and sanity - you will so love living in the hill country near your family, enjoying more time together in a peaceful, clean environment. Hope your life will bring someone to share special times and make new memories. . . . . .and I just know YOU will look spectacular whether in a glittering gown or a pair of the best fitting jeans!

Looking forward to hearing all the details - and a trip to Italy will be something special to plan. We had an awesome time there, I'll be posting later.

Warmest wishes and hugs - Mary

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Yes, yes, yes, my darling friend...I do so want to slow down a bit !!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

I really really want to hear about your vacation. You will have so many things to share. Can't wait, Mary !!

Cindy Hattersley said...

Marsha I am so happy for you. The hill country is on my bucket list. I hope you will still continue blogging from there. I for one would love to find out more about the area.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Yes, it's wonderful, and so so pretty. Of course, it's HOT in summer like the rest of Texas but in the evenings it's cool like California...so. The town of Wimberley is charming X10, and the people who live there either full or part time all congregate at the cafe for breakfast, so I'll be able to meet everyone in a short time. Also, there are all kinds of events all day, every day to keep ladies interested and creative. Thank you SO much !!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Or, you could meet a charming Italian man?? It all sounds lovely. Now I'm off to check out those wicker bags.

Anonymous said...

I friend of mine travels often and she is single - she uses Outdoor Adventure Travel (OAT). She has
done this many times and always has a great time and makes lots of friends. You might could try that. Best wishes on your move, vacay, and future travels!

Lauren said...

I love all of these handbags!


Bonnie said...

Hello Marsha....I am thrilled to hear you are moving to Wimberley. Have been there many
times and almost bought a home there. You will love it. I have many friends that I have to
contact there. You will fit right in. Email me at bkbroten@gmail.com I have had many photoshoots
there. I call it Texcunay because of its olive trees, lovely hills and beauty. I am so excited
for you. Great news.
Bonnie Broten

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful! enjoy marsha!
-Linda, ny