Saturday, May 20, 2017

Who Hasn't Longed for This View ?

I love overlooking the sea.
No matter where I go I'm happier when I can see the sea,
or a large body of water, like Lake Como for example.

Do we all feel this way?

Or you a Mountain Person or a Sea Person

I would love to know, and then to know why.

lovely weekend.



Jackie and Joel Smith said...

Yes, I love looking at the sea. It is difficult to explain why. Perhaps it is the gentle waves, the vastness (which makes me and my thoughts miniscule in retrospect. . .maybe it invites exploration ~ to be on it and traveling to new destinations. . .whatever, it is a most calming friend.

Lauren said...

I wish I was by the sea right now!


Karen T. said...

I love the sea or any body of water. I think it is calming. Without realizing it until a few years ago, even an overwhelming majority of the pieces of artwork that I have collected over the years has a water scene or theme.

Elizabeth Day said...

I do love looking at the sea, but I'm not a beach person. I really do prefer the mountains because I feel so cozy there. I love the trees and the overlooks, the paths, and the cooler weather. So, I guess I'm a mountain gal.