Monday, October 9, 2017

Antique Pottery Jars & Daughter's Back Garden Project

well, you see, I was just speaking about the timelessness of Lauren Hutton and a few of us
who fancy we may be like her...

so seems only natural to fall in love with the old jars.

I absolutely LOVE things like this!

& I'm not a bit practical about it.
I don't want it if it's new and doesn't look old, maybe new made to look old would be OK,
but none of the plastic ones for me because I WOULD KNOW THEY'RE PLASTIC!

not at all saying anything ugly about them, they work for so many people, especially
for people who have no help moving those things around.
me?  I've always had help because I'm helpless.
I'm creative, I design everything, but never actually do the work, cause I'm always off
to the next thing I wanna finish.
my powers of visualizing are 100% correct, so once I can intrepret what I want to someone,
they can actually make it happen.

like those jars.
there is no way I could move one of those,
I have no husband, my son has no time,
so H.E.L.P. is what I need.

right now, in Wimberley, we're laying out a design for a patio, which is now nothing
but dirt.  it connects to an old flagstone stairway walkway which has been there for years,
and I think it's lovely, so my thinking is to go with something which will tie all this together.
this area opens from the side door off the breakfast room which has big bay windows,
and my daughter has already begun planting flowers in an area which had just gone
to seed over years of neglect from the previous owner.
as all of us know, first we fix what's functionally/physically wrong with the house,
and there was A WHOLE LOT WRONG WITH THIS HOUSE, but it's has a great piece of property with a little running creek behind it, a huge piece of property and is big is square footage, so
all this effort is worth putting in.
anyway, here are some pics of the existing flagstone and the walkway stairs going down to the flat grassy area.
there are flower beds on each side of the walkway, so one day it'll be beautiful !
gets my green thumb a good workout too.

so from the side door on the right, along the fence line,
in front of the canoe, where new VERY IMPORTAINT
DRAINAGE SYSTEMS were just installed, is the area
where new surfacing is needed.

my daughter thinks all the old crumbling flagstone from the back door to the 1st step needs to be removed and replaced. 
we're discussing stamped concrete, recommended by her
contractor, covering everywhere there's dirt and the little
part of the pathway, not the stairs.

grassy area at bottom of stairway, in front of the creek.



  1. I am in the same dilemma with a 1925 bungalow, arborists are good as sometimes trees need to go as they fall over here in bad weather.....i love limelight hydrangeas, sweet viburnum that grows super fast and great for privacy, boxwoods are a never fail plant of all sizes, pressure wash the stones to clean them up.....even use compatible pavers with the current stone that could work....outside lighting, irrigation, and drainage is very very important! Elevation is the start for a clean pallet and go from there. This is a wonderful architect landscaper, but she does not live close to me in Fl. She is unbelievable and travels. Silver....perhaps you could send pics up to her and hire down there.....the fee will be worth it to avoid serious mistakes, time, and money.....XO

  2. "A Garden is a Thing of Beauty, and a Job Forever" - that hits me daily when I look at my own! Good luck Marsha - lots to do, be sure to take all the help you can get. Be sure to make the stone walking areas safe so you won't trip and fall!


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