Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Timeless Issue

Lauren Hutton

& who better to choose to headline this issue of 
than American model & icon, Lauren Hutton?

look at her amazing smile, her carriage and HER SHOES !!!
she's allowing a close-up of her face and, to me, she looks beautiful.
she looks happy, she looks exciting and she looks INTERESTING AND INTERESTED.

maybe this is the main thing to understand.

none of us can turn back time,
but we CAN make our time TODAY the best it's ever been.

stay relevant
stay interested
don't ever take anything for granted, continue to question and understand.
create excitement

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton

so, tell me...
what are YOU doing today ???

Viva Lauren !!!

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  1. L.H. a woman who stand by her her...what I am doing today? Holiday on Capri..... thought about your love for Italy and agree totally.

  2. She looks fabulous! IMO, the less we pay attention to what others thing/say we "should" do, the happier we are in our own skin, living our own lives. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm


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