Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Coming Soon

a post about this beautiful place 
in the most beautiful part of the world
follow along to see and read about how we ended up here

also, I'm ordering all my Christmas merchandise
for the blog right now to make certain we have

last year we ran out of some items and I tried to
re-order, the shipping was a problem, yada yada yada,
so this year I'm ordering ONLY 1 TIME
if we run out, we will just be SOLD OUT

no re-orders as I don't want to disappoint,
so if you see something you like, please take the plunge
and purchase right then.

genuine leather & new-this-year faux leather

beautiful scarves
both silk & wool


& the little girl dresses

let me know what you like and I'll see if I can find it.

love love love to all of you


  1. Well... That looks like a super-beautiful spot! You're going to have me off on a whimsical daydream if I'm not careful, when I have "grown up" things that need to get done. And it's been so warm lately that it's hard to imagine that it's time to Xmas shop, though I know it is!


  2. Looking very much forward to hear how and why you "ended up" in the Palazzo Avino! Looks like a gorgeous place, a DREAM!
    xxx karin


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