Monday, November 13, 2017

CONNECTIONS - By Invitation Only

International Blog Party

the idea of "connections"

well, if one looks this up today you will get a page full of
 "how to connect to your device" information.

& connecting to our devices has enabled us, or prohibited us, to make real connections

we're so connected, we're unplugged from reality.

Image result for photo of victorian christmas party

this lovely piece is in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

& to me this IS connecting !!

the kind of connecting I like.

friends, family, distant relatives, Uncle Arnold, and the little ones,
all enjoying the same food and drink, all talking at once,
and all thankful for the occasion to CONNECT.

as the holidays approach I'm going to make certain
I reach out to people I've not spoken to in awhile,
friends with whom I speak each week,
all my family, the grocer, the postman, etc.
to tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life.

yes, it takes a little time, but the gift of giving of oneself,
is the best gift of all, I think.

please hop over to see the other ladies who have joined us today,
you will find them here


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Lovely and wise, Marsha. We need to 'disconnect' from our devices far more often and truly connect with the people in our lives. Especially this time of year.


  2. Visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum is on my bucket list! So beautiful!


  3. Beautiful Marsha and probably the best connection of all. Nothing says connection more than friends and family sitting around a table and also to connect to those who regularly pop into our lives. XXXX

  4. Timely!! We just "shook hands (and squeezed"...) our postal lady and the Fed Ex guy...we see them more often than our neighbors! What a job they do!! franki

  5. We couldn't agree more, Marsha. There is nothing quite like family and friends especially this time of year! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  6. I loved this post Marsha and I love the idea of thanking people who do small things for us everyday. It is all about maintaining connectivity!


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