Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Who Says ?


we can't use sparkly jewelry for day wear ???

of course, you can & should !!

so rummage through your stacks of jewelry and bring out
the bling, pile it on with a beautiful jacket &
see how you rock it.

look at this....

& think about Iris Apfel, the iconic woman that she is.

& somehow we look at her and think "that's Iris!"

she's made her look so distinctive we all recognize her.

not recommending we copy her, but I think it's really cool to take on some of the
trends you might feel are for the younger ones only.

like the sparkly necklace, for example !

WHO SAYS you can't ???


when I was in Santa Fe recently we walked into a beautiful mineral shop, where they had enormous specimens and
huge bowls made out of semi-precious stones. just beautiful pieces anyone would love to have.

well, when I got home I told one of my friends about the bowls,
I had taken a couple of photos, and she decided she needed one of them as a gift for another girlfriend.

so, I called the shop, introduced myself and told the woman
what I wanted.  She said, "Oh, I remember you!  You had that
Meg Ryan haircut and the dress with the lace flounce on the bottom."  

Yep, that was me.

The dress, just FYI, was a navy flowered print midi length shift, with a gathered navy lace flounce, I had navy gladiator sandals,
& my hair looked like Meg Ryan because there is NO humidity in Santa Fe and the product I use on my hair in Houston
was impossible to blow out in that arid place.

Too funny !!

So, I didn't look "young" I just looked "happening."
not bad.


  1. I love a good statement necklace!


  2. WAY TO GO!! I'm wearing a brooch on a silk scarf, at the moment, with a in a log cabin. Have a sparkly necklace over my boots, too. (Boot bling.) WAY TO GO!! franki


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