Friday, March 2, 2018

Packing for A 1-Week Holiday


well, this is me AT a resort vacation spot, Acapulco at the Villa Arabesque
which belonged to the Baron Enrique di Portinova & his wife, Sandra, 
of Houston.

& below is my compilation of what I think I should take
(and what you should take too)
to the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Packing for the Amalfi Coast of Italy by splenderosa featuring how to wear a maxi dress

don't know why this image I made on Polyvore is blurry !!!

anyway, you can see without much description 
from me what I think
should be packed for a 1-week holiday to this location.

of course,  I haven't included p.j.'s, underwear, etc. cause you ALL know what you need.

but when it comes to actually "dressing" for a local spot some of us might like a suggestion or 2.

baseball cap
3 pieces of jewelry which can be worn with everything
2 handbags (big & small)
3 shoes 
1 maxi skirt
1  maxi dress
1 poolside cover-up or lounging dress
3 pairs of pants (white for certain)
1 amazing blouse (the blue one up top)
1 big shirt & 2Tees
2 tank tops
pashmina which goes everywhere

pack clothes flat, if possible, layering plastic garment bags
between everything,  these bags keep clothes straighter and
less rumpled and can become "dirty" clothes bags, etc.
while on the road.

& I find I really need my own soap, not some brand I've never
used, and I take 3-4 washcloths also.

i love the hotel amenities to take home with me for the guest bath,
but I always bring my own body lotion, etc.
little bottles

one of the great purchases I made was this fold-flat
makeup/cleansers/night cream/cosmetics
bag which pops out, fill it up then hang it up, voila,
your stuff is all organized & you don't have to rummage around in the luggage to find it.  when packing I put EVERYTHING into
sealed plastic bags, push all the air out before closing.

shopping bags
like these, many colors/styles, find here

& then the gadgets we often forget

include a portable cell phone charger
air purifier for plane the ones which hang around your neck
personal pillowcase
laundry sheets for hand wash 
all available on Amazon


  1. Looking fabulous...wish I was joining you. Great ideas for the wardrobe.

  2. Beautiful!


    1. My most loyal comment maker !!!
      Thank you so much.

  3. Sail away with me....ahh, what style!! You GO!! franki

    1. Franki, we may be SAILING for one day all around Capri and the coast line.

  4. Love all your ideas and the list is so great!! Wish so much I could join you on this trip but I am hoping for a future trip.
    Love the picture too, you are fabulous!!!

    1. I wish you could too, my friend. Next time to the Lake Country of Italy I think.

  5. Would love to be joining you on this trip, maybe next time. Love your selection of essentials.

  6. Great suggestions. I wish I could find a pair of flat shoes that are comfortable, for me. All these are such stylish options, I love it!


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