Wednesday, May 9, 2018



the LaLaLand collection is all WONDERFUL,

but this little dress is 




Sizes 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7,

Pink or White

this fabric is a durable Poly/Cotton Knit, which is washable.

I do not recommend putting it in the dryer, 
as it will dry in no time just laid flat or hung.

the dress is wonderful to the touch, very soft & beautifully plush.

fully lined, the inside is as pretty as the outside.

the price?

that's the best part !

$ 45

email us to order please


delivery about 2 weeks

we have 1 Size 2-3 on hand at this time.

& the big news of the day:

one of Houston's local luxury retail shops 
saw the collection this morning,
and is writing an order right this minute.

they want us to do a Trunk Show just after
Labor Day, for Fall/Holiday pieces,
at which time we might have BOYS too.

anyway, one small step.....

Italian trip only 2 1/2 weeks away, we're all collaborating on
hair dryers, cell phone chargers, IPad's, 
etc etc etc.

anyone have a tip for 
ONE item you always take with you ?

I have a rolling rack in my bedroom, already started
putting pieces on it by outfit.
trying to do the minimum possible
(which used to be 2-3 pieces of luggage !)

3 pairs of durable pants 
(not jeans)
black, navy, pale pink

1 pair Silk Johnny Was pants


1 Flower-Printed Maxi Skirt

1 Black Maxi Dress (cotton)

Blazer, Lafayette, Floral Print
to be worn while travelling

pale blue Pop-Over top
pale pink Cashmere Sweater
black Pop-Over
navy T-Shirt

hot pink Silk Taffeta Jacket

1 scarf
turquoise jewelry ONLY

2 handbags

1 Gucci Baseball Cap

walking shoes
little sandals, all flat


hair goop,
Swartzkopf Glue Gel, put on wet hair, blow dry

anything I forget I can pick up while shopping.
except makeup.
must take my own makeup
mostly all NARS,

& I've gotten to the age where I think I need LESS
eyeshadow rather than more.

I've been extremely lucky as I have very very good skin,
and often don't put makeup anywhere except my nose &
then blended out.

I only wear Lip Gloss now, because truthfully, I need a facelift and not a face filler, which actually changes the way
you look, because I'm getting sagging jowl lines. YUCK!

& my own hair drying towel, microfiber

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  1. The children's clothes you post are just too precious!



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