Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Recent Contribution

awhile back I was contacted by FLIGHT NETWORK to participate in listing the 


you already know what I chose, don't you?

well, the publication has just come out, and if you CLICK HERE
you will find the list with ALL the details of each destination.
Seriously, it's a great list of swoon-worthy DESTINATIONS
from around the world.

there are many places I had never though of, so the list is very interesting and might be something to file away for future considerations.

I'm leaving the Texas heat for the Pacific NW very soon.

returning to a place I loved high up in British Columbia.

a post will be coming soon.
in the mean time, below is a photo my daughter sent with she and my 5-year old grandson
in the cold mountain stream somewhere near Yellowstone .

Displaying DSC_0093.JPG

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