Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Is Summer Almost Over ?

It's July 24th !!

where has SUMMER GONE ??

for me, it has whizzed past it seems.

but everyone is saying the same thing.

so, it must be inevitable that school starts again soon,
summer holidays coming to an end
FALL is approaching, because I know everyone in the USA thinks FALL BEGINS when school
starts or Labor Day passes, right ?

I've been working on the 
LaLaLand Girls website
& have added
Long Sleeved T-Shirt Dresses
click on the SHOP LaLaLand icon at top left sidebar
to go to the shop

below, in LOVE with this little dress
printed with English saddle jumping horses
striped long sleeves

& we have matching leggings
(not on the site yet)

and 5 different color/patterns of the dress below
all on the site

posting this because in many areas of the country our ladies
shop back-to-school starting about this time of the

let me know what you think, please !!


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