Friday, July 6, 2018

The Return of Mom-Mom & The Rest of the Family

well, let's see, it's been 5 years since we last spoke of Mom-Mom, Chantelle (her daughter),
& Chelsea (her grand-daughter).

I do so hope all of you remember this lovely family.
It's always about PINK with them, you know?

so, appropriately, Giorgio Armani inserted PINK into his Haute Coutture Show a couple of days ago.

perfect !!

because everyone wants to go to Beverly's Party on PINK SATURDAY !!

Mom-Mom absolutely loved the one below, no matter that it's summer now.
everyone has air conditioning these days

to visit Beverly's party please 

Chantelle always checks with Mom-Mom before choosing her outfits IF they are both
attending the same function.  I mean, it would be horrid IF they clashed !

today she's wearing this Armani creation

please notice those fabulous PINK Druzy Earrings, Gigantic Earrings !
but, oh sooo beautiful too.

& for Chelsea, this whimsical outfit



& THE lipstick


bonjour et bisous, lys…. 
;) ~candy

lado alexi

I could go on and on because the PARTY is going to be smashing and so much fun,
but in the interest of time  (your time), I'll try to shorten this a bit.

You know there had to be a hostess gift for Beverly ?
of course !

and, PINK, naturally.

what a perfect gift, place settings for 32 in this beautiful PINK delicate lace pattern.
it's not too much, is it?


  1. Really rock in the pink...luv the cup 'n saucer!! franki

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by!! I have done my Patriotic decorating for over 5 years because I have ALWAYS believed our Country is Great. I am an Independent and do not subscribe yo any Political party but I do believe that our Country is a MESS right now. Hopefully, he will be voted out and our Country will be even GREATER than it is right now. My celebration of America has nothing to do with who is our President and who is not. But I do Thank you for stopping by and for your opinion


  3. Oh pretty lady, this is gorgeous, I adore pink. Now that I was in Madrid in April and May I bought a hot pink spring coat and I'm crazy about it, as well as shoes, lol..
    Thank you for your sweet visit, I'm so happy to have you over dear friend. You made my saturday.
    We are all excited for the little boy coming. Can't wait to see him and hold him too !
    Wishing you many blessings.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Marsha. Welcome back. I've missed you. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.

    Well, you must know I love it all!!! And, thank you for the pretty in pink hostess gift.♥

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye".


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