Friday, July 6, 2018

Valentino Valentino Valentino

the last, though definitely NOT the least, 
of the Paris Haute Couture Shows
was Valentino
Valentino the overly magnificent and always acclaimed virtuoso of femininity & elegance...

but first THE HAIR

the 1960's HAIR !!!

& it's all the fashion people can talk about !
the big beautiful hair.
I'm smiling 'cause I actually remember this hair,
done so well by Julienne Moore in The Single Man 
by Tom Ford, it's a style so ingrained in that decade,
and maybe into the next a bit, 
that no one can forget it.

but the clothes,
I'm gonna show you a few of the ones I WOULD WEAR IF I COULD AFFORD THEM, that is to say, the ones which are

this one for NYC in Winter
this is a silk taffeta skirt, boiled brushed wool jacket, 
and velvet top

love the fringed cape, love the pink & red together
do not love the eye makeup at all

this one works for my life
and in Houston we do not get COLD very often, so this outfit is perfect
for our winter weather
note the beautiful magenta silk lining of the capelet

& this one above just because it is SO unexpected,
let's face it, emerald green sequins with burgundy slouch pants...
but in it's own way it's beautiful, a not to the ath-leisure looks around now.
anyway, we can wear the cape for the rest of our lives at Christmas time, can't we?

is anyone ready for BIG HAIR ?

one thing I know for certain, I am sick of the
Kate Middleton hair that everyone is wearing.
Gisele started this eons ago, but NOW it's everywhere,
even on TV shows, and I am just tired of the undone curls.

time for a change, I think.

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  1. I can only imagine the hair that we could have achieved in the big hair 60's if only we had also been given access to all the hair extensions available these days We would have never needed to destroy our locks with all the ratting. They were used in overload on some of these models, and I love it! The horrible eye makeup seems to be about the only makeup that most of them wore. I adore the pirate boots with the dressier pieces. Gutsy. Thanks for taking us along on your fashion week journey. Cherry Kay


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