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growing up my family, my parents, had a severe case of wanderlust.
we went everywhere !

my dad & his mother, the much-talked-about Mom-Mom, would think of a
place and before you knew it we were off to another adventure.

I'm not certain how much was planned, or how they planned.
all I knew was that WE were all going somewhere.

once you are infected with this wanderlust it is incurable.
totally incurable.
nothing seems too far, too primitive, or too unusual.

we've been in caves, on mountains, down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon,
on the oceans, in planes, trains & automobiles.

and nothing NOTHING bad ever happened to us.
life was an adventure then.

our new world, today, doesn't seem as friendly, does it?
I was reading about this young couple who decided at ages 29,
to quit their jobs and travel, travel with the barest amount of necessities with them.
it worked for about a year, all was wonderful, all was well, they wrote about how kind people
everywhere were to them.

in Kajikistan, while riding their bikes, along with a few others, they were on the
road when a truck pulled past them.
the truck then made a U-Turn in the road and came back to run them over.

they were killed.
so were 2 others
3 riders survived

read more here

for me, it's just too horrible to imagine.

my son and his entire family spent the summer on the beach in Mexico
my daughter & her 5-year old son are in the far North of Idaho

completely unaware of danger from other individuals, this young couple fell in love with
the GOODNESS inherent in all of us.

I am just so sad.
imagine being their parents?

let us pray


  1. I did read about that couple. I was shocked and saddened. The world is a scary place these days.

  2. Who COULD imagine such horror and grief? I'm somewhat mystified by what might have prompted you to share such a story.

  3. What a sad story. So young and beautiful and adventurous. What a pity. Nevertheless Tadjikistan is not a country to visit, especially on bike. It is too close to Afghanistan, not a secure place. I wonder whether the embassy or the Department of Foreign Affairs have any warning.


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