Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas in the South

Mobile, Alabama
where my wonderful grand-mother, Mom-Mom, was born.

we have been in all the areas where she was raised,
including the beautiful Fairhope.

they had a city house & a country (by the Gulf) house.
I can still remember the smell of the sea air.

she was one of the most brilliant women I've ever known,
taught ALL of us perfect manners and deportment.
and to this day I cannot recline in a chair, I sit straight up,
just like she told me to do.

grand-mother's are the BEST, aren't they?

I'm very very busy with LaLaLand, about the finish up all the orders for holiday merchandise, and once finished
I'll do my own personal stuff and head up to Wimberley,
to be with my daughter & little 5-year old grandson, Colt.

the only thing I want for Christmas is for my apartment in
this condominium building to be completely redone by the
time I come back.  ho ho ho

on another note, thank you for the comments of support & suggestions about the DIL situation.  You have NO idea how I have tried over the years.  some of you suggested that my
son was complicit, and now I see that he is.

if she showed me the same respect that he shows her parents & relatives we would all be so much better off.

Houston is on our knees over President Bush's passing, 
because that family is a real family, people of the highest standards and true kindness.  Even though he didn't like the
word "legacy" his will be leaving good ripples around the world.
a splendid life, well lived.

Merry Christmas, everyone !!!


  1. hi Marsha, I feel your pain. My stupid brother married a wacko, she was dispicable to my mother & me. I personally think she is a psyhopath narcissist. She was relentless, at one point, my mom was going to get an attorney as she was brainwashing the children, would not let mom be with them and they loved being with her. To date, she is still crazy, my brother watched the abuse, (he is nuts too) and did nothing. I lived in Atlanta and gone but she blamed me, she would blame the moon for everything as she never takes responsibility. They are divorced, kids grown, and they took off too. I think they have finally figured her out. She is a witch. She is now on her 3rd husband and a golddigger of all gold diggers. Personally, she is a what a be and nothing but white trash. I don't get why son's choose these types. I stayed away them 100%, I don't do toxic. I LOVE FAIRHOPE, I am close to Fairhope, would have loved to meet you. I lived in Springhill, (Mobile area) at one time and Fairhope, its wonderful ~

  2. What a lovely story and fond memories. At a recent family reunion, all the cousins met up for the first time in many years. We all remarked about how our grand parents taught us some many important life lessons. Because of his position in the community we were expected to be perfectly behaved...and mostly we were. Hope your holiday is a happy one.


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