Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Be Brave....

are you brave enough to wear this bold combination?

I think it's beautiful !!

what I'm also loving is the slow return of the 
longer blazer jacket,
the hider of many figure problems, therefore, 
a friend to all of us.

the Spring runway was not wonderful, from any designer.

I'm not caring nearly as much as I used to,
and try to concentrate on accessories when I buy something new.

the women, mommies, grands, etc. here in Houston
all look wonderful.  the "street style" here is really
a pretty style. the young ones all have beautiful, clean
long hair, skin-tight jeans, and a brilliant top or jacket.
I mean, it's a uniform!

the country club ladies who play bridge all wear suits,
albeit pant suits, with perfectly coiffed hair (in the style
they have worn for 50 years or more).

their daughters and sometimes grand-daughters
all wear designer clothing.
when I say "designer" I mean DESIGNER,
and they ALL have a status handbag.

for me now, working on my LaLaLand for Kids Trunk Show
on March 2nd at Bering's in Houston.

sending love, ladies....


  1. I LOVE THAT COMBO!!! I CHOOSE COLOR!! Exquisite taste! franki

  2. Beautiful colors - and the textures of velvet and silk make them SO rich and special. Yes, would wear now my hair is less red and more chestnut - yellow was not my color since I was a blonde many years ago, haha!

    Love a longer blazer too - I have a brown linen version (Eileen Fisher) which is almost as long as a 'morning coat'. It wrinkles of course, but what the heck. . . . . . . perhaps those well-groomed Houston ladies will not invite me to lunch!

    Happy New Year Marsha - hope it's a good one for you dear.

    P.S. What happened to your house in the 'hill country' - I haven't heard about it for ages?
    GO PATRIOTS definitely!


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