Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I Saw This Image...

“3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware
Inst @jessmrgn98

and I knew I had to go there,
whereever it is in the world.

it's in Chicago, the frozen land of Chicago, 
the 3 Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware.

not on your life


Wine Bar 2

kinda makes one swoon to be there, doesn't it?
I love Chicago and I've been there many times when it was BLIZZARD CONDITIONS,
& I still got out there in my layer upon layer of clothing and walked to the Chicago Institute of Art,
and thought I was having a wonderful time.
to me, the city is beautiful!
I think because it's on the lake and you can see that water from almost everywhere.

we have a beautiful city here in Houston, but we are 50 miles inland, though we have
a huge port (which was man-made, btw), so there is no water view anywhere.

and water views are MY thing!


anyway, the restaurant serves haute "simple" food 
with a lavish flourish.
so American, isn't it?


  1. Gorgeous! I l love chicago and now have this place on my list to visit.

    1. Libby, WE can go together !!! Closer than Italy and a lot easier to get to. We have an amazing RH store, the original concept store for all the new ones, but NO restaurant. I'm drooling over this place. Don't even care what the food tastes like. It's ALL in the presentation for me. Sending love, darling friend....

  2. Well I've been to many Restoration Hardware stores but never have I seen a restaurant attached to one of them. Most interesting post!! xx

    1. Hey International People, thanks for stopping in. Chicago next stop, right after winter's over, that is. Beautiful place isn't it. And, we have an amazing RH store in Houston but NO restaurant either.

  3. Hi Marsha, I wonder if you received the email that I sent recently, to your email address. Can you please advise? Many thanks, Dr Helen Paige

  4. You need to see their latest incarnation in Napa...even more spectacular

    1. Oh, I'm certain of it. You guys have the climate for the most perfect of all venues.
      Love YOU !!

  5. Stunning quest there. What happened after? Take care!


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