Friday, February 1, 2019

Max Mara - The Nantucket Collection DOUBLE AWESOME

Model Hailey Baldwin appears in Weekend MaxMara Nantucket collection campaign

modeled by Hailey Baldwin Beiber the Italian line collaborated with Anthony Baratta, an American interior designer who offices in NYC.  His work is extremely colorful, so he was a perfect choice for these fabric designs.

I LOVE MaxMara, and this look is a major departure from their normal sleek, sophisticated, elegant pieces, but I LOVE THIS COLLECTION too.

If you're not afraid of this look, read on please....

Hailey Baldwin stars in Weekend MaxMara Nantucket spring 2019 campaign
A photo from the Weekend MaxMara Nantucket campaign with Hailey Baldwin
Prints take the spotlight for Weekend MaxMara Nantucket collection

Gingham print stands out in Weekend MaxMara Nantucket spring 2019 collection

Weekend MaxMara unveils spring 2019 Nantucket capsule collection campaign


  1. OMG Marsha! I love the clothes!!! Where to buy those??

    1. Look up the closest Max Mara shop, or Sak's or Neiman's.

  2. I forgot to also say the furniture/rugs etc are gorgeous too BUT the clothing!! WOW

  3. I loved MaxMara when i was so much younger. I still have a beautiful emerald ring from many years ago that i adored...I must say, those shoes are very striking.

    1. I couldn't wear all that pattern, but the pants make me swoon.


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