Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Little Girl Needs Help, Please Read

as most of you guys know, my daughter, Vanessa, lives in our Texas Hill Country,
in Wimberley, Texas.

she has a 5-year old son named Colt.
Coltie goes to school with a beautiful little girl, Tessa Hinds.

little Tessa has a large lump on her beautiful little face
which has been diagnosed as a rare
Veno/Lymphatic Tumor

imagine !  

this little one must undergo Chemotherapy as treatment.

her family lives in this small town and my daughter tells me they have no way of paying
the medical expenses which will be incurred.

someone has started a "Go Fund Me" page for Tessa,
& my daughter has asked me to tell each of my readers about their plight.

at this time, with all the illegal immigration stuff going on in the news,
and knowing that they get everything FREE, I am shocked to find out that
our American children are denied treatment which could save their lives.
Just because.
you know?

Wimberley, Texas is about 1 hour from Austin and 1 hour from San Antonio,
where her treatments will take place.
Wimberley is a beautiful little town, where country farmers and ranchers make up the
population.  It is a place filled with quaint little shops, for week-end visitors, but is certainly not a place where high-paying jobs exist, or maybe where everyone has insurance, unless they're retired and on MediCare, which her family is not.

Here is a link to her GO FUND ME page 

I, personally, have nothing to do with this, except to help out as much as I can.

This request is coming from my daughter, who is a mother of a small child.

She told me she called the dad and told him we were going to use social media to help them...and he started crying.   Hearing this made me cry.

this is why we're here, folks.  to help one another.

please pass along the request if you think it warrants it.

thank you guys so very much for reading !!


  1. Left a little bit as requested Hope all the $ is raised and her chemo is successful!

  2. Donated tonight. I just went through this process in my own family.

  3. Oh, Julie, hope all is well in your family. I know for this family every penny counts. Thank you so much.


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