Friday, July 12, 2019

HOUSTON declared Cultural Capital of the South

It's more "hometown glory" for the hottest city in the world.

The Houston Ballet turned lemons into lemonade during their "Hometown Tour."

ouston. Space City. The Bayou City. Clutch City. The New Capital of Southern Cool. A rose by any other name would smell just as great, and H-Town’s got a stunning new appellation that sounds oh-so-sweet.

because this article is very long I'm pointing you to the LINK

as most of you know, I'm a native Houstonian.
& over the many many many years I've travelled widely,
even living in the Middle East for awhile.

Houston is a very large (Like Los Angeles) spread out city.

& once here, NO ONE LEAVES TEXAS.
this is a fact, not my bragging.

well, we do leave in SUMMER, because we have to.
right now it's 94f
not fun at all.

my beautiful daughter is getting a divorce, one that's been
going on for a year.  there's a 6-year old grandson
involved.  custody is the MAIN issue, because they haven't been able 
to come to terms yet.
my son-in-law is a really nice guy, but he's very angry.

my daughter wants to move to Idaho, she has friends there,
and wants to get to the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and
lower temperatures in summer.  she's not certain how she'll handle
their LONG winters.

divorce.  why why why does it have to be so bad?

so, let's see:
she just lost her father
she's moving
she's fighting for custody of her son

aren't those the top 3 stressors?

let me know what you think.
do you think the judge will allow her to move out of state?

I am so worried.


  1. You have your hands (and mind) full...take it day-by-day...franki

    1. Hey, sweetie, yes we are doing exactly that. Custody is the ONLY issue.

    YOUR DAUGHTER needs to visit in the winter before moving!
    Perhaps sit her down and make a list together........Have her GO VISIT those friends FIRST!
    What I have noticed from our age is it is harder to make FRIENDS as you get older as everyone already has their GROUP!
    AND now with social media etc no one really looks up long enough to say HEY she is knew lets have her over for dinner!
    HAVE you TALKED TO EACH OF THEM ON YOUR OWN MARSHA?OR IS THERE ANOTHER FAMILY person who can play middle man?THose are my thoughts!

    1. They have, and we have, tried everything. The husband is unavailable to everyone in her family. Totally shut us down. She wants to move to a cooler climate, the grandson has asthsma and she knows he does better in cleaner air. But, I don't know. I couldn't move as my entire has been spent here, where I was born. I have friends since the 1st grade. I hate our climate HATE HATE HATE it.
      My daughter is leaving in the next couple of days to spend the rest of July in Idaho, just to make sure. The son is spending July with his dad, where he has to go to day care when papa is working. He won't let my daughter see him at all during July, she gets to talk to him on the phone between 5-5:30 every day, that's all. Terrible. Legal fees on her side are right at $28,000 now. Her father just passed away, and she just had to move out of her beautiful home. They got a full price offer the 1st showing. STRESSED to the max.

  3. That's a very difficult situation for her and all of you really. Honestly I doubt the judge will allow it since your grandson is young. Maybe the best thing for her is to visit Idaho in the summertime - rent a little place and enjoy all the things she loves there. And when her son is much older make the leap. Sometimes people getting divorces (I was one long ago) leap into another world too quickly. Hugs Marsha

    1. I know it's awful. The custody issue is the MAIN one, not anything else.

  4. Of course you are worried and have every right to be. Divorce, under any circumstance, is painful. Not just for the couple but for all family members. Like a ripple effect, the pain seeps in many aspects of life. When my son and dil divorced I may have more devastated than they. They knew it was coming for last five of the twenty year marriage. They stayed together for me because my younger son had died suddenly and they didn't think I could handle another disaster. They were probably correct. My dil was as much my daughter as any can be. Now we are totally estranged and it breaks my heart. That said, who knows what judge will decide. Your best hope is to pray for the best outcome for the child. He is the one who is in between and that is the worst place to be. Blessings to all.

    1. OMG, you lost your beloed DIL after 20 years? Awful. And, so hurtful I know. We have tried everything with this couple. They were not a good match in the beginning. Dominos are falling.

  5. Marsha, I know of many, many people that have left Texas and Houston to live elsewhere. In particular, those who enjoy nature, peace, and a healthy way of life. I know people from all areas of the country think that their area is the most special. But Houston is a huge, hot, bustling city, as you say. Like Los Angeles, as you say. Lots of people leave Los Angeles too. Lots. Every place has something special. As for your daughter.....this too shall pass. But they will have to share. That's just how it is these days. I don't know how Texas will handle it. Texas is not known for its equality for women when it comes to divorce. She needs a great attorney. Having grown up in Idaho, I know how beautiful parts of it are and can understand why she would want to move there. My thoughts are with you as I have been through this myself. Living in Oregon, it was a much easier transition. The courts are more amenable to women.

  6. Ginny, I would love to live in Oregon. One of our most beautiful states, I think. In fact, I love all of the Pacific NW, all of it. My daughter's attorney is now at $27,800 in fees. 1 year. Husband intractable, won't talk to me or anyone else from the family. She is in love with a guy from Texas who now lives and is in the real estate business in Idaho. She wouldn't have to work, as she loves being a stay at home mom, but we don't know. My grandson has an ad litem attorney, I think I have a good enough relationship with her to discuss this fact. Up until now, it's been a secret. Thank you for your sweet, wonderful, thoughtful words. xx's

  7. Hello Marsha, I am so sorry that your family is going thru this. The most important person is your grandson, thats the bottom line. I am not sure which way the judge will go, sometimes they let you move but then you are responsible for making sure that your child is with his other parent on all visitation. I think because of the age of your grandson teh judge will rule that he has to stay in Texas.

    Good luck to your daughter.

  8. Marhsa, I am so sorry to hear this- best wishes to you, your daughter and grandson.
    -Linda, NY


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