Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine's Celebration Dinner NYC & Houston

Valentine Day has become a BIG celebration of 
Love, Dining Out and Gifts.

it follows so close to Christmas it seems to some that it has become too commercial.

I don't know about that, cause what girl doesn't love flowers, dining out, and a good snuggle?

below, one of favorite NEW places in an old & well-known
location (formerly The 4 Seasons Restaurant)

The Grill

splendid bar, with a chop house vibe, 
very $$$$ but what an experience !!

& my favorite in all of Houston
The Annie
(formerly Cafe Annie)
reimagined by new owner Benjamin Berg, my friend,
I'm happy to say, right on Post Oak Boulevard,
which means it's 1 block from ME.

The Annie terrace offers views to Post Oak Boulevard (Photo by Jacob Power)

this place is always jumping, 
and everyone knows everyone else, so it's just plain FUN.

the food is superb,

the ambiance is awesome.

if you're around town, pop in, you won't regret it !!

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends,
I send you love



  1. Valentine's Day good wishes - have a lovely day Marsha!
    Mary x

    1. Going to a little dinner party tonight in someone’s home. Wearing RED ❤️

  2. Wonderful recommendations! Loved it! Happy Valentines Day dear friend! XO

  3. Where will you guys go ? Or is hubby working at some cool restaurant, playing piano ? ❤️


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