Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The State of Affairs




Well, it's been a long time since I posted a NEW BLOG POST, using INSTAGRAM instead, where my user name is marshaharrisscotthouston

I've decided to return to blogging, at least for now, because I miss the long format, and actual conversations we have, virtually or not.

I am so very sad at the mess our country is in, and I know each of us feel this way, no matter which side we are on.  Where has kindness, patience, integrity gone?  What has happened to the population who think they can destroy & loot?  And, that it's OK to do all this?

There are  many problems in my own family right now, extraordinary ones to say the least.  My beautiful daughter-in-law has been undergoing Stage 4 cancer treatments at MDAnderson for the past 18 months.  She and my son have 4 little children aged 6-13. They all need this woman to stay here on Earth with us.  We have many prayer groups going on, and I believe the next round of experimental medicine may show some good signs toward healing her.   

My daughter is suffering multiple problems with starting a new home remodeling business, maybe has a bi-polar disorder, having an 8-year old son, a divorce behind her, a new fiance (who doesn't know how to deal with her). Stress 24/7 for her, which she is unable to deal with appropriately.  Her mama, me, is of no help because she won't allow it.

Throughout the Covid lockdown, I found myself returning to JEWELRY MAKING, as it's creative and calming.  Thankfully, Houston has returned completely to normal, and it is so wonderful to actually go out to dinner with friends again.

The jewelry I'm making is mostly fashion jewelry which I will sell at local casual markets on weekends here in Houston.  I don't have the ability to sell to big retailers any longer (which means I'm too OLD).  I'll post some pictures of the stretchable bracelets & necklaces soon.

Above photo is of my little hostas garden area, which has brought me much pleasure.  Houston is so hot, and the sun so bright, I had to find a perfect shady spot to try to out.  Of course, I water 2 times a day to maintain the lushness, but that is also very satisfying.

I've missed you guys !!












  1. So great to see you back here Marsha dear - you were missed.
    Really saddened to hear of all your sweet DIL has been going through, but hoping now she is on the mend and will join us, the ranks of cancer survivors (both me and my hubby), and will soon be well. Please know she will be in our prayers and thoughts daily.
    Family life is difficult much of the time - we have issues with ours also and find advice given in a good way because of love and caring, is often not accepted and we end up the ones feeling guilty and hurt. We also feel we are now too old to be dealing with all this, it's exhausting!

    Hope you are well and that we see you here often - especially now we can get 'dressed up' more often. Show us your jewelry later please!
    Sending hugs from a stormy NC as Elsa races in our direction!
    Mary x

  2. Marsha! How I have missed your blog posts! I was concerned, after I realized how long it had been, checked the site etc and suspected that like many, you just quit. That would be a shame. Even if only once a week, your words are appreciated. Coming out of the pandemic disaster up here in the North East has been an odd experience. While I was getting restless toward the end of the lock down, I tried to keep busy and not think too much! Then in January our world was turned upside down and the clueless one moved into the big house. I fear for our country, but believe (after much study and prayer) that we will survive. We must survive.

    I am so sorry for the illness and unsettled situations in your family. It is heartbreaking. My older son has moved here to be with us in our old age, his divorce is final, and his new girlfriend makes him happy. For that I am grateful. When my younger son passed away, I lost much of myself, including hope for the future. But more than 9 years later my perception is a bit different but like a dark shadow, it is with me all the time.

    I am thankful for all who survived Covid, I am thankful for those who continue to inspire and uplift during such a dreadful time, and most of all I am thankful for the strength to face the challenges put before me. Life is complicated, life is heartbreaking, life is not what we planned. I had a dear friend, an oncologist, who would often say Who ever told you life would be fair? His words ring true often.

    Take care of yourself, there are situations and circumstances that control themselves. Your role will reveal itself in time. God Bless.

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  4. welcome back Marsha! You have been sorely missed!

    -Linda , NYC


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