Thursday, January 18, 2024

Let’s See Who Stops In


Ive decided I have time to post again after a year away. There is so much going on in our world and so many of my fellow bloggers talk about this, so I’m talking fashion, fine dining, lifestyle and fun. 

This is a pic of my former living room. My current abode is about this size, the entire place. I’m decluttering, donating, selling & putting in storage for my kids. 

This means I only have the things I love very much around me now. 

My dog for certain ! 

My first selection, which I could not wear now, is from Lela Rose. I have many of her pieces, including a bright red strapless ball gown with a red matching cape, all in silk taffeta. I can never get rid of this ball gown because I have such great memories and also because I like looking at it.

Love to all of you
God bless America


  1. Good morning Marsha - fun to see you back here and learn a little as to what's going on in your corner of this often sad and crazy world!
    I take it you have moved and, like all of us in this age group, are decluttering, downsizing, organizing etc. - because we all have too much of everything!
    Hope you will pop up here more often. I've slowed down with blogging since posting on IG, but as you say, our dear old blogs are still the way to go.
    Stay well - hope your family are OK - and know you been missed dear.
    Hugs - Mary (now 80, silver-haired, still love fashion and am traveling now and then still).

  2. Hi, Marsha! Ann here from PlumSiena!
    I now have a niche perfume store called Indigo Perfumery- for 10 years already!


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