Saturday, March 13, 2010's almost time

walk along and wiggle
your toes in the sand with me.
let's pretend we're children again, free
to run, shout, play

and experience joy in the sunlight & moonbeams 

where would you love to spend your holiday this year?

Amalfi Coast of Italy...
or on any beautiful blue water spending hours reading,
chit-chatting with my friends, having cocktails before
either cooking at home or heading out for a night of
lovely restaurants with very special wines.

there is really nothing better than having all your family
& friends stay in 1 house while on vacation, everyone helping
with menu planning, shopping, sampling cheeses & wines,
& remembering how really peaceful & gentle life should be.

beautiful 10mm butter jade beads
hand-knotted with silk turquoise cord,
starfish clasp of Swarovski Crystals &
Angelskin Turquoise,
clasp can be removed to wear as brooch
& closure for necklace can be in the front,
side or back
(special order only)