Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2001

 Today I believe all Americans need to remember how tragic
it was on that day.

We live in the Central time zone, so that morning it was earlier for us. 
I was awake, but still in bed.

My daughter called screaming, "The United States is under attack."

My husband & I watched, shattered & shaken, as Aaron Brown on CNN showed us what had happened.

We knew life as we knew it was over.

We didn't leave the house until Thursday evening when we finally went to pick up a friend
to have dinner with us.
2 1/2 days watching TV non-stop

We went to NYC in December that year.  
He climbed on the fences to see what they tried to block out.
The images, even months old, shook us to our core.  
The devastation was HUGE.  
Nothing you saw on TV could compare to the actual size of the site.
We had been to the top of the World Trade Center in previous years, and we knew
the landmarks well.  But, we never expected this incredible vastness of devastation.

And, then you thought of those 1000's of people who died, both there and on the planes.
Those 1000's or 10,000's or 100,000's of people who were directly touched by this.

Every time I see the films I feel exactly the same as I did that morning.
And, I cry.

Do you think the terrorists picked 9.1.1. because it's our national emergency call number?
Do you think they picked the date because it was a Tuesday, right after the end of summer?
Do you think they chose the date because a new President had just been inaugurated  &
 his name was Bush?
Do you think they knew both buildings would fall down?

I'm reading the book written by the Navy Seal who was on the Osama bin Ladin mission,
he doesn't disclose anything about their tactics or training that most of us don't already know.
He does disclose the inability of DC to make decisions, and their ability to leak information
about the Seals which should never have been disclosed.

I applaud all our brave service men & women and their families,  
especially in light of the fact
that not much has changed with all the wars.

Think of this if you don't mind...if Jimmy Carter had not allowed the
Shah of Iran to fall the entire region would be different. 
The Iranians, under the Shah, loved the West...the Shah espoused
our views and kept the region safe. There would be no terrorists.
There would be no Ahmedinejad and no nuclear threat.

God Bless America & all of us.