Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Fashion's HOT Buttons - Red, LBD, Metallic, Motorcycle Jacket, Leopard, Accentuated Shoulders, Cuddly Knits

Marilyn Monroe
at her Dressing Table
doesn't have anything to do with today's fashions but
it is just a beautiful photograph for you to see

  • Sara McLachlan @ Emmy's
    Just Perfect. Accessoried Exactly Right,
  • Necklace, Bracelets, Earrings with Diva Gown



  • Red, very strong this season, however, I think it looks too holiday-like 
    unless tempered with another hue, black, white etc.

  • cushy wraps, ponchos are beautiful & feminine and combine with the cuddly knit-look also

  • note below...the same top & bottom, only mixed it looks SO much better, doesn't it?

  • like, the suit would be BORING & OLD


  •  & love the white blouse with the shoulders !!!!

  • Absolutely Darling. Has Shoulders is Red with a little black flippy skirt

Little BIG IMPORTANT Black Dress
Shoulders !!
Dries Von Noten, Assymetrical

  • Donna Karan, you know I love her Fall collection

Big Statement Necklaces/Metallic is HOT HOT HOT
Splenderosa Rope Necklace

  • if I could only have 1                new bag
                                                                                     this would be the one
  •                                                                                  Diane Von Furstenberg..

  • Motorcycle Jacket - Some Very Good Looks

  • Wonderful leather jacket with wide collar which make the "shoulders" bigger

  • you've seen these in previous posts, but just a reminder...
                     of a wonderful look which is feminine, but rocks !!!

Knit-Sleeved Leather Jacket...

  • Leopard

  • a trend which always comes back, so when it's not hot anymore,
                                    just store it.


a little goes a looooog way

  • now we'll put some of this together for you...

red with accentuated shoulders, black tights & shoes

Stella McCartney, Accentuated Shoulders.  This is really really
                              beautiful, for us older girls, maybe a skinny pant?

Leopard & Magenta Silk, very very pretty & new
isn't it?
 Roberto Cavelli, way over the top for most of us,
but if you're
                                    Gisele Bundchen Brady it would look really great !!!

  • now for some photos from the news...2 beautiful women who are married
  • to heads of state, Carla Bruni Sarkozy & Queen Rania of Jordan

  • Queen Rania of Jordan earlier in the day

Notice how beautifully & how simply they are dressed
                                          and their accessories.

Me, last week, at a gala...the earrings are ruby &
tourmaline extra-long dangles which I made especially for this red gown (wrap not shown, also red).

  • Now, I've got to think on the tablesetting Thursday...what's a girl to do ?????

  • Kiss Kiss to all of you, Marsha

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