Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Wrap

I feel as though I just watched
Anne Hathaway Show.
If we didn't know prior, we certainly know now,
the reason Rachel Zoe has so much impact on
the fashion world.

Did Anne have SEVEN outfit changes?
 And, they were all beautiful & perfectly accessorized.
But,  was this what the show was about?

here's what Annette Bening actually wore,
a bit more snazzy than the one I chose for her,
but close.

Helena should have worn what I chose instead of
this outfit designed by the costume designer for
Alice in Wonderland, but I do love her hair & that fan.

Absolutely perfect for Hailee.
And so similar to the black/white outfit I chose. 
So I'm happy.


I loved Melissa Leo's acceptance speech & her outfit.

I thought Colin Firth proved once again why he is such a splendid actor,
and OMG his wife is beautiful, isn't she.

An interesting show this year, but no one just blew me away with Demi Moore did last year.

What about you? 
How did you like the evening?





  1. Anne Hathaway sure looks lovely in her long red gown!

  2. I am impressed that you have these hot-off-the-press photos already posted!
    Will have to admit I dozed off several times, but the cutest thing I saw was Hailee.
    You are right, this turned out to be the Ms. Hathaway show. Her dresses were beautiful, but the constant changes put her in competition with the awards.
    The part that fascinated me the most was the effect of the scenes on the backdrop. It truly looked like the Titanic was going to sail right off the stage into the audience.

  3. Hi Marsha I must admit that I love Hallie's Marchesa Gown and Hillary Swank' Gucci.

    That said I think that the Gucci would have really stood out had it been on someone with long dark hair flowing!

    Come and enter my Artful Offering and read a super interview!

    Art by Karena

  4. They were all so beautiful! One of my favorites was Mila Kunis's dress, the lilac was so pretty and the lace, so perfect for her! Oh to be able to dress like that for one night! :)

  5. I loved how I didn't see any cheeto tans, only fair beautiful skin. I am very fair and knew that ONE DAY, fair skin would come back into syle. I can't say which one was my favorite. Only I remeber the things that bugged me, like: Hillery Swank needed some earrings, Amy Adams had a green something on her necklace that bothered me. Scarlet Johanson could have fixed her hair and my favorite man eye candy, Christian Bale forgot to shave. It was fun. Heidi

  6. I'm a little behind today - you did so well with your matching. I agree with all of these! I was touched by Warren Beatty's comments about his wife on the red carpet - can you imagine his every having said that 20 or 30 years ago? I think not! I loved Cate Blanchett as well even though the Givenchy was controversial. And I also loved Michelle Williams' elegant gown. I think Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. should host next year - they were hysterical and adorable!!


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