Monday, November 5, 2012

Simple Basics


(vía La Buena Vida: A Spring Pilaf)

I love this photography and I've searched back back back to find the original posting
naming the photographer but came to a dead end. 
this work is reminiscent of my son's work, but it's not his.
he had an art festival this weekend where he exhibited and, of course, it rained.
but the sun eventually came out and they had a good good day.
I'm still trying to get him to send me some new images so I can show off a bit, 
but he's so busy he hasn't.

and this outfit in this setting makes me crazy.
how about you?



  1. Hello and Good morning!

    I love photography like these photos...simple and beautiful.

    I hope you have a great week,


  2. Hello:
    We too think that this series of images are magnificent! How fascinating that your son is a photographer too and it would be so interesting to see some of his work when he has a little more time to supply you! But good that he is busy!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Marsha..

    Such a pretty outfit. I like the combination of colors ~ great touch to add those shoes!


  4. Fabulous images. As for the outfit - I hopped on the scales this morning and was shocked by the nasty figures on the dial. I 'm ashamed to admit that this casual, chic outfit would not look so appealing on my body. Bonne semaine.

    1. Elizabeth, oh my goodness, how could you say this about the outfit & the scales...everyone who reads our blogs is PERFECT, don't you know? :)'s

  5. Each picture was prettier than the one before! I loved them all…and I ADORE the outfit! thanks for sharing!

  6. I absolutely love that food photography. I wish I knew who the photographer was as well. I'm going to dig around and I'll let you know if I can find out...

  7. Gorgeous food photography. My goodness. I'm inspired to improve my own blog. Thank you for this post. Shiree'


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