Thursday, December 1, 2016

Are We Ready ?

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I was at the Houston Country Club last evening for dinner, and wanted to share some of the beautiful & interesting things I saw there.

the lovely thing is that one sees many of the same people each time,
& because of this it has such a warm & friendly feeling.

upon driving up the avenue leading to the entry gates of the club, whose property is sprawling
because of the golf course, I was completely overwhelmed with the flowers just planted.

everywhere I looked there were banks of HUGE WHITE HYDRANGEA & WHITE CYCLAMEN

in a city where there is never snow,  this is an inspirational setting.

just imagine !!

Image result for photo white cyclamen

we went to the casual dining rooms downstairs overlooking the pool area as this is where
the club has a Southern Fried Chicken Buffet each Wednesday, believe me, it is huge...
& the buffet itself cost the members $10 per person.  
then there is the cost of the beverages added to that.  ahem.

Image result for photo fried chicken buffet

I visited the ladies room closest to our dining room, and was struck once again,
by the essence of thoughtfulness.  every single thing a lady would need is included in the 
amenities inside.
what really impressed me is there was even a little WOODEN STAIR, painted high gloss white,
for the little ones.


which may be the way our home is when we have guests, whether overnight visitors or
dinner party guests...think about what you would like to find if you were in someone's home.

I think most of us automatically do this at this point in our lives, but it is
an unexpected gift to our friends, isn't it?

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Lauren said...

After seeing the picture of fried chicken I am now craving some! Hope you are enjoying the season :)