Thursday, January 9, 2020

Every Element Is Perfect !

maybe you've noticed I've changed the name of my blog?

splenderosa was the name of a jewelry line I created more than a decade ago
and, somehow, the name no longer sounded "right" to me.

gracenotes sounds right.

& "gracenotes" is a term in music, so I didn't just make it up because my name is Grace,
because, as you know, it's now.
however, my beloved grandmother, whom I called Mom-Mom, was named GRACE

so this new chapter is dedicated to her beautiful memory, 
and starts off a NEW decade for me.


imagine walking into a party given in this lovely home,

piano playing smooth jazz

cocktails handed to as you walk into the door

happy people conversing everywhere


I've also added music back to the blog...I really hope you enjoy
listening; I choose very carefully, which means
I spend a good amount of time creating all this.


  1. Marsha I love the new name! Looking forward to your lovely posts.

  2. Hi Marsha and I wish you well with your newly named blog. Its lovely to start the New Year with something fresh. Wishing you all the luck in the world with it. Sending love from the UK. XXXX


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