Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Isn't This Pretty...

you know how we, as women, 
always dream of a pristine bathroom,

our OWN bathroon

not a shared bathroom with our husbands, etc.


well, except for the double sinks in this one, 
I think it is perfect

perfectly white
separate shower
lots of drawers so "things" are out of sight
the pretty sconces
orderly WHITE towels
(for me, there is NO other color for towels.)

I haven't shared a bathroom in about 30+ years,
so a long time ago, before sags, lumps, round tummy,
& flabby underarms came along.
THAT alone necessitates PRIVACY, doesn't it?

& a little secret I use...
those flimsy little washcloths (white) which come in bundles
at places like Target, etc., are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES
for hand washing, makeup removal (the abrasion from
the washcloth actually exfoliates your face & neck skin)

I use the Micellar water for cleaning, but I used to
use Albolene, wiping it all all, and then washing to face with
DOVE soap, completely bending over the basin, eyes closed,
splashing water over & over again to my face.

I think I'm going back to this routine because then I know my skin is CLEAN, and ready for my night-time skin care products.

believe me, I used Eterna 27 until they quit making it, and it worked like a charm for me.  I lament it's passing.

now I use NARS products & Neutragena Water Gel, which I must say I'm in love with.  It's so effective on my skin, it's silky, not oily, and makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself.

then, before bed, I clean my feet in my basin with soapy water & a brush, every single night, and  generously apply Aquaphor
then put on one of those little terry socks, the ones from the
Dollar Store, and sleep in them.
feet feel wonderful in the morning.
socks in the washer.

also, I've completely given up nightgowns in favor of
100% Cotton PJ's, there are many pretty ones around.
if my legs are not separated by fabric they tend to get hot & sweat.
now, how horrible is that ?

problem solved:  PJ's
but they must be washable & dryable.
so I buy a size or 2 larger to accommodate shrinkage.
then they're soft & perfect for me.

my dogs thinks they're OK too.

I cover him up every night, the little white Maltese named Bono,
cause I think if I need cover he needs cover.

That does not work, as he prefers to sleep on his back with
all 4 legs up and tummy exposed.
I think they feel confident they're safe when they sleep like that.

& you know what, I feel safe with him near me, in the bed with me. I even like to hear his little snuffling sounds.

true love, I think.

love to you too !!!


  1. Well I do have my own small bathroom but wish I had a spacious version like this! No room for roses in mine!!!
    Stay safe and be well dear Marsha.

    1. Mary, you have a wonderful husband, that is the most important of all.

  2. What a lovely, serene bathroom. While my own bathroom is large, I do have to share it with my hubby, so I think he is well acquainted with those lumps, bumps and sags (darn it!). Thank you for sharing your routine and the products you use. I'm always interested! Stay home, stay safe, stay happy.

    1. Well, you see, I'm looking for a husband !!!
      So, you WIN !!!

  3. I share a bathroom but would LOVE to have my own fabulous and private space like the one you've featured. So jealous. When I began purchasing those inexpensive stacks of washcloths I had 5 daughters who still lived at home. As an empty nester, I STILL use them and love how quickly they dry. They're almost 'disposable' as I use them for cleaning after they begin looking grungy.

    1. Oh, I know, we turn them into cleaning cloths too.
      Pop in washer with a bit of Clorox, rinse 2-3 times, they're ready to go again.
      Love you !!!

  4. I enjoyed your blog this morning so much! Such honesty and lovely thoughts especially under the circumstance of still being locked down. Love the bathroom and your chat, as usual. Stay safe and stay healthy!

    1. You know I'm chatty, love to talk "girl-stuff" on the blog. Sometimes, I'm actually connected to my readers. And, I promise, I'm posting more. Leaving IG to only pretty pictures because I think I'm the ONLY one who reads to commentary. Sending love, my precious friend.


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