Saturday, April 30, 2016

Don't Take Anything For Granted.....

protect everything alive as you protect your children.


all of us living, breathing, hearts-beating creatures
are vital to each other and, therefore, to life.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Need Some Fashion Advice...Part 2 What Do You Think of THIS SHOE?

i'm a girly girl, albeit one who is OVER a certain age, and one who is no longer reed thin,
so this shoe just calls out to me, even though it looks like the matchy-match of the 80's

whatta  you think??????

I know, I know...I'm the one usually dispensing fashion advice,
but for this one I need some re-validation and/or assistance.

next month there is a very very lovely charity luncheon, one honoring a very very good friend.

it's called the Super-Model Fashion Show & Luncheon
at one of the chi-chi country clubs.

of course, I'm going.  I couldn't or wouldn't miss it.

so the's a dress I am loving, and one that I can also afford ...

Floral-print Silk Maxi Dress

it's 100% silk with hand-painted motif, it's floaty & feminine
& it LOOKS like a Spring Luncheon, doesn't it?

I can't get myself ready to wear pants to this function, though there will be many who do.

what I'm thinking is that a little LEOPARD clutch will be very fashionable & quirky
& reminds me of Olivia Palermo's look., scroll down a bit to see an example.

Shoes of Prey Leopard Calf Hair Wedge Pump (Women)

I do love this shoe !!!

but, I don't have to wear leopard, it's just a thought.
or maybe the shoe, and a simple red/orange clutch?

you know?  it's a FASHION SHOW LUNCHEON.  
it's good to mix it up a bit !

let me know what you think.

this length dress works well for me as I'm tall,
the color is good as I'm blond, blue-eyed & have
great jewelry already.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Aristotle Said.....

" Excellence is never an accident. 

It is always the result of high intention, 
sincere effort, and intelligent execution;

 it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

choice, not chance, determines your destiny. "


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Movie Review....

finally, finally, finally

I watched The Revenant because it came on Pay-For-View,
because it was pouring rain in Houston and there was nothing else on TV.

well, except for the wall-to-wall election coverage, yada yada yada

I've thought Leo DiCaprio deserved the Academy Award for a long long time, 
especially for The Departed.  but, not for this one.

now that I've seen the film...well, I didn't finish the film...I had to turn it off
as there was absolutely no point in continuing.

my opinion of all of it:

very overly magnificently dramatic, including the cinemaphotography, the sounds,
shots of Mother Nature lingering overly long.

you certainly got the impression of the vast emptiness of space these men were
surviving within.
& especially the hideous cold.

this is not a woman's movie.

Leo didn't deserve the award for this movie, which should have been called
The Struggle.

there is lots of violence, violence of every conceivable kind (except for car crashes).
it's unending.
it's overwhelming, it's boring.

the cruelty of man to other men.

the characters are mud-covered throughout the film, there are ONLY 2 men
in this movie, other than the hero, who show any kind of sensitivity.

I knew I really wouldn't be able to bear it, and I was right.
for me, there is nothing artistic about the film.
it's overdone X10.

to see how some of the scenes were made/filmed GO HERE

I really think Will Smith should have been nominated and should have won!
I think Jada was right about that.
& it has nothing to do with blackness; it has to do with great acting & a great film
which tackled a very difficult topic with clarity & substance.

'nuff said....


Houston - The 1000-Year Flood This Week

probably, most of you have heard of Houston's flooding Sunday night & Monday morning...

there was so much rain pouring down in such a short period of time the water literally
had no where to go...

I looked out my 3rd floor window and the run-off on one side of our building looked like
Niagara Falls, all running right into our basement parking garage.

So at 4:45AM my phone went off announcing a FLASH FLOOD WARNING,
we've had a garage flood before, in fact not even a year ago, so in my PJ's
& slippers I went down to the basement in the elevator to see if it was
taking on water...thankfully, at that time, it wasn't.

10 minutes later one of the other homeowners came around knocking on all the doors,
telling us the garage was flooding...this is how fast it happened.

you should have seen all of us down robes, etc., wading in ankle-deep water to get to our cars so we could drive the up and out to the surface parking.

the photo above tells it all, except you're seeing only ONE small area of town...when the entire city and outlying areas all looked like this.

no one moved anywhere on Monday.
everything was closed, everything.

Tuesday, I went to open the shop, we had almost no traffic and neither did anyone else.
but you know businesses, the owner's all think they need to open...
it doesn't matter if you're a service station or a luxury baby store, we all opened, if possible.

we are facing even more rain today, Wednesday.
it's very very overcast, high humidity and 70f

Lordy, Lord...what's happening to our Earth?

I'm well, so is my family, thankfully.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Let Me Tell You About Something.....

something that makes SO much sense,
and is also SO much fun !!

don't we all love a beautiful fragrance?
don't we love receiving a lovely gift of fragrance?

yes & yes.

now, there's a NEW innovative way to do this for very little $$$,
it's called

their fragrance of the month is by



TOCCA means “touch” in Italian – bringing a touch of luxury to elevate every day. The brand takes inspiration from Old-World Europe, but infuses a modern, fresh edge. Recognized as a fragrance house of distinctive and exquisite scents, TOCCA works with world-renowned perfumers and uses only the finest ingredients to create their custom-made fragrances. Each scent is crafted to evoke the personality and spirit of each TOCCA ‘girl’, forming a wardrobe of scents that complements any mood, event or season.
now this is what is DIFFERENT & SO EXCITING
ScentBIRD is a service which sends you a new fragrance each month,
any fragrance of YOUR choice...and the list is absolutely endless, you can choose from
the list & receive ANY choice you make on a monthly basis.

the scents come in a lovely lip-stick size case with a velvet pouch,
convenient for carrying in your handbag, like this one below.

instagram scentbird review

you guys know I don't get excited about too much anymore...
but this has me convinced it's an innovative way to find & try new parfum fragrances
for a tiny price of $14.95 month...and it makes such a great gift for our BFF's.

I received my 1st dispenser of  VIKTOR & ROLF'S FLOWERBOMB,
a fragrance I had never tried but had always wanted to experience.
I LOVE this idea!!
I showed my friends who also thought it was a unique way to experience something new.

I know, I know...we can go to our local retailer and get those little vials of fragrance,
but applying from one of the vials is not easy...either too much or too little.
anyway, they're not pretty and really don't work for our handbags, do they?
I have a bowl of those little vials in one of my bathrooms for my guests to pick up & take with them if they wish.

do yourself a favor, hop on over to the ScentBIRD site

even if you don't order, you'll be surprised by the vast array of selections they offer.

have a wonderful week ahead, my friends !!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm Striving For This Look....

yep, this makes me messes anywhere, no stacks of mail, no piles of
unread magazines, no doggie toys.

however, there are also no living plants, no signs of human life, not even a pillow askew...
a set.
one with square-edged sofas, square edged table, square sharp-edged everything...
in other words: no softness.

except for the exceptionally beautiful chandelier and the open-topped piano.

tell me, what do you think?
the TRUTH, please.



Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Room With A View

magical Amalfi Coastline

the view above beautiful Positano

oh yeah

or is it

ahhhhh yes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Needing To Return.....


Riva del Garda, Italy (by Tania & Artur)

Riva del Garda, Italy
Lake Garda
this is one of the largest lakes in Italy's lake country region
which is in the North of Italy.

beyond beautiful....
& the Hotel Crespi is there, also beyond beautiful.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pretty Amazing.....

Seriously, to me, this is what "fashion" look like now.
& I like it !!

do you?