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this is the work of 
Andrew Smith
of Cuba Gallery in New Zealand
find some of his tutorials here

I really really love this piece & which I could have a HUGE size of this image.


Monday, April 14, 2014

A Few of My Friends !


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HAPPY FRIDAY, ERRYBODYhttp://cute-overload.tumblr.com

Happy Monday to my other ones !!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

What's THE Newest?

 it's this...

grass green

in all these colors

lime green

orange red

pale gray green

rose red

darker green

pale yellow

these precious bags are absolutely wonderful

Embossed Italian Leather
13" Long X 9 1/2" High X 5 1/2" Wide
Double Long Chains
Wall Zippered Pocket & 2 Pouches Inside
Gold Hardware 
Snap Lock Closure

Splenderosa Label Inside Bag
Splenderosa Label Dust Cover

$ 175.00 each

available only in the USA & Canada
due to shipping costs

to order & reserve
please email us at


images below from Splenderosa's tumblr


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes - at The Met.


~~Tulipa By Mandy Di Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers


DELPOZO spring/summer 2014


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bedroom Love

Master Bedroom
via Atlanta Homes & Gardens

Luxury Lifestyle

via weheartit

Pretty but needs some color somewhere. Something vibrant like a plant at least
via pinterest
the pinner thought it needed color,
I don't.  I love the serenity, the ease on the eyes with these soft colors, and
all monochromatic.

Mediterranean style Olive Mill Residence in California
to see this beautiful home in it's entirety please go HERE
it's in Montecito, California
& it is dreamy X10!

I was visiting one of my girlfriends at her home the other day and she took me back
to her bedroom to show me something.
I noticed she was opening her mail in her cozy chair, located next to a skirted
round table, her exercise bike was by the TV in the corner, and she had
piles of books on her bedside table.
I suddenly realized she "lived" in her bedroom, which is completely off-limits
to most visitors.
her home is a show place, always perfectly attended and ready for company.

for me, this wouldn't work.
I use my entire home, but when I finish something messy I put it up or out-of-sight,
fluff up the pillows, and the room is ready to use again.

I also realized that for me my bedroom needs to be serene,
uncluttered, a private refuge from all the world's commotion.
my closet is entirely separate from my bedroom and I make certain
all my clothes go in there even when I don't hang them up ( !! ).

so when I turn the bed back and settle down with whatever book or magazine
I'm reading, it's a completely relaxing time, the time before I finally fall asleep...
with Bono & FiFi both on the bed with me.  
& no TV is in the room.  I've just never been a fan of bedroom TV viewing.
it's OK to  have one in the bathroom or dressing area so one can keep up with the news,
but not in the bedroom.

does any of this make sense?

going to dinner tonight with one of my recently divorced girlfriends.
she & her husband of 17 years were the perfect perfect couple...
except, it seems, they weren't.
and, total coincidence, one of my long-time guy friends, who tragically lost his wife 3 years
ago in an automobile accident,  had asked her
out for cocktails, so he'll be there too.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travelling Anywhere 9-Midnight Wardrobe

this is a reprise of a post I did in March 2013,
I looked, and decided it was still the same wardrobe I would use today,
or recommend using.

& just last week for our monthly
By Invitation Only post we
talked about the TOP 10 things we would take with us on a cruise.

now, we talking about real life
& if you have time to real all this you will be amazed at how
little you need to be beautifully attired all the time.

but, just one thing more...an important one thing:
Audrey Friedman 

of "My American French Life" here
is a member of BY INVITATION ONLY and somehow she missed
being linked in with us last week.
she travels often, and has a great post up which we all need to see,
practical & witty.  
please stop in & say hi.


when I worked in the Fashion Office of  Sak's 5th Avenue we were often asked to
create a travel warbrobe for certain clients, which meant knowing what they already owned
& adding new pieces so they would be completely updated.
 using Polyvore I have pulled together the pieces below which should
suffice for any woman who could be attending any function anywhere. 

once you look through
the pieces I'll explain below why I think they work together,
and why I don't think you need to pack other pieces.

well, if you're attending a ball perhaps you do need a couple of other things :)'s

"Perfect Travel Wardrobe" by splenderosa on Polyvore


1 fabulous blazer/jacket (non wrinkle, lint repelling)
3 tee shirt tops (wash by hand, hang up)
2 dressier tops
1 pair longer shorts like Bermudas
2 pants
1 casual long skirt
1 dressier long skirt
1 cardigan (if you need one)

12 PIECES of apparel
= multitudes of outfits,
the scarves make even basic black look spiffy & fashionable

bunches of underwear, socks if you wear them, hosiery if you wear
(roll all of it, put inside other items)

3 Handbags

huge one for the plane, car, etc.
2 small, black & red

OK, let's face it...we gotta be comfortable
1 tennies (I love the high tops)
1 sandal
1 flats
1 low-heeled bootie
1 high heels
notice the colors of the shoes, black with red/turquoise/white

2 (or more) long scarves
the long ones can do double duty by tying around your head
on a bad hair day, or draping your shoulders in a cool restaurant,
or just adding spice hanging around your neck, along with your long necklaces
red/black, turquoise/black
1 pashmina (black/white circles)

1 silk flower lapel pin

if you don't want the flower, feel it's too frou-frou,
add a big brooch, or a couple of brooches, to the lapel or top.
seriously, no one is going to think you're over-the-top if they don't know you!
this is where you can shine.
  jewelry can make any outfit important.

3-4 Bracelets
 cause they are hugely important now
wrap bracelets are such a big rage now, put several one at the same time.
coordinating earrings, of your choice

a couple of necklaces, fashionable ones
1 necklace to wear all the time, a darling, dainty one.


truly, I cannot be without jewelry, it makes
the simplest outfit seem important

now, let's see

1. the sequined top, with the long split skirt, blazer, silk flower,
high-heeled booties, fabulous earrings...
go to dinner at the finest restaurant,
even Anna Wintour would approve.

2.  the beautiful tie-front blouse left outside, the other long skirt, or the black dressy pant,
add the striped cardigan or the blazer if you need a bit of cover,
the stripes go with the dots on the pashmina too.

3.  the cardigan & the long sleeved striped tee will look excellent together,
worn with the white Bermudas or a pair of slacks, you're totally happening fashion-wise.
& think how cute you'll be with the black/white ballerina shoes.

4. wear the tie front blouse open over one of the plain tees,
add the long dangling necklaces & you're dressed for whatever comes up,
but yet you're casual too.
the turquoise sandals would work here.

5.  I am a true believer in high-top shoes, I think they rock, they certainly
don't look "old" and they're comfortable.

6.  even if you're travelling with a group you won't be wearing the same thing
every other day. there are enough pieces to mix it up.

7. try to pack everything completely flat, put plastic bags between items
(like those from the dry cleaner)
totally eliminates wrinkling and they weigh nothing.
if you don't have a fold-over bag lay all the clothing out, on top of
a big plastic bag, then layer everything, roll it all up and put into
a duffle or carryon.  believe me, this works and saves so much time later on.

8. use every square inch of empty space to pack small items,
like jewelry inside shoes, etc. + they don't rattle around when packed this way.
I roll up underwear & stuff into shoes, cause I CANNOT skimp on panties.

9. I don't travel with jeans.  ever.
there are so many beautiful things available I don't want to wear jeans.

final word:   the fabulous pashmina 
never go anywhere without one,
if it's in the way, tie it around your bag. 

other women have said it...
don't take too much.
there are no Sherpas.
unless you have a driver who picks you up at each
airport immediately after you retrieve your luggage,
you will be schlepping quite a lot on your own.
I absolutely did not like learning this new fact of life.

the main thing is to have a wonderful time !

now, tell me...what is the ONE item of clothing you always take with you?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sideboards, Antique Silver & Cutglass

this could be an old desk couldn't it?
I love love love sparkling cut & etched glass, all old pieces.

style & vignette <3 décor - bliss of antique silver & while lilacs

over many years we have collected antique sterling silver napkin rings, 
no 2 are alike, which is actually more charming, I think.
my 1st husband became very interested in collecting these kinds of items
as we both loved entertaining at home.

Now this is how to serve the turkey! Vintage silver

& this pretty thing came to me from my 2nd husband's collection of items.
we have used this so many times, I love that we still get "wows" when I comes out.

an old punch bowl, not mine, but I do have one.
it belonged to my grandmother, Mom-Mom, who was kinda like an Auntie Mame.
not shy, loved people, gave a Sunday dinner every single week, loved football,
and with every mood change so did the house paint.

& even on dressing tables or cabinets in your bedroom, so pretty

Silver, every kitchen needs it, why not antique?I love combining patterns sometimes.

I imagine this is a box full of items for sale, oh how I do wish I knew where it is !!

Silver jar

we have many of these kinds of bottles, because I can never turn one down, it seems.
to me they are all beautiful.
when someone or some event very special to me requires a gift,
I gladly part with things like this.
I rarely gift anything that doesn't last forever, well to adults, that is.
though this board is mostly about wearable sterling silver, this antique silver overlay flask is sort of wearable?

& because I lived in Persia for awhile, I have many many pieces of
Persian Sterling Silver, all of which is hand-carved as intricately as this tray.
it is an art form.
we have an entire tea/coffee service with it's own tray,
& long long ago at an estate auction I found the absolute perfect table on which to rest
this service.  it has it's own spot in the dining room.

my son appreciates most of the Persian pieces, and the rugs.
my daughter is much more Ralph Lauren/Southwest & doesn't take too well
to pomp & circumstance.  she, however, has her own collection of antique ironstone
along with antique blue & white.

each of us are very different in this way,
but so much alike in our love of travel, understanding history and ancient cultures.

I try not to buy anything else when I'm looking around.
I never thought I would reach a point when I thought I had enough, but I have & I do.

how do you feel about collecting?
what drives you to collect what you love?


The Dog Collar

you know how sometimes you mean one thing
& your friend thinks you mean something else entirely?

well, this is one of those stories...& it's TRUE !!

yesterday afternoon I went to an older girlfriend's home, at her request,
to make certain she had her gala outfit ready for Thursday evening.

she had been plant shopping and we got into big blue hydrangeas and red tomatoes
immediately.  as well as her cat, Bandit, who is one of the largest male cats on the planet.
my friend loves Bandit, but she has been given a LARGE YELLOW FEMALE LABRADOR
who is about 10 months old not.  Her name is Princess Daisy.  She's way too large for my
girlfriend's size & strength...but anyway the friend gave the girlfriend the dog as a 3-month old puppy.

my friend is one of the most social women in town, she's a widow and fills up every single
minute, so she's always on the go.  she used to be a client in the 5th Avenue Club, & no
longer shops that way, so if I see something I think she'll like and wear I pick it up for her,
then we coordinate everything.

OK, now she's wearing a Carolina Herrera long gown on Thursday evening, it's deep navy blue
silk chiffon printed with little pink, yellow, pale blue flowers, strapless with a slim bodice, and then layers of ruffles down to the floor, there is
a tiny bolero jacket of the same fabric with long sleeves.
really no jewelry except her diamond earrings was needed, but I asked
if she would like to borrow my pave art deco slim-line choker (it's Fantasia, but it looks
so real no one would know). 

I took it to her one Sunday night where we all have Tex-Mex & Margarita's
a couple of weeks ago.

when I didn't see it with the earrings yesterday I asked if she had decided not to wear it.

she looked surprised, and this little look came on her face.

she went into her bathroom where she has a bracket for the dog collars,
and there it was!

she said, "I couldn't find the clasp and so I thought it was for Princess Daisy !!!"

we d.i.e.d. laughing.

it has an invisible clasp, of course.
I put my glasses on, opened it for her and placed it around her neck.

she looked into the mirror,
turned around to me and said, "I'm wearing it."

isn't this the cutest story?


Monday, April 7, 2014

Put Some POW on Your Arm !!

Villa San Michele on the Isle of Capri.
you should see the leather goods shops there!

I bought my son a pair of Gucci shoes while he was photographing the island,
his fiance told me she thought he would prefer a different pair...
I said, "This is the pair I wish to give him."
He loved the shoes, and I love her!


Emmy Rossum green and gorgeous

Emmy Rossum green and gorgeous

Beautiful Top Handle Gold-Studded Bag
by Splenderosa

 Genuine Italian Leather

 10.7" Long    X    7" High  X   4" Wide

6" Single leather handle
45” adjustable and detachable strap
Inside   :2 zipper pockets and 2 open pouches
1 zipper pocket at back
Gold hardware


(we cannot ship outside US or Canada as postage costs are very high)

all of our Italian leather handbags are labelled "Splenderosa" inside & on hangtags
& come with a "Splenderosa" dust cover.

also available by special order
light pink
bright pink

Paul Andrew, 212 872 8947

shoe at Bergdorf's

yesterday I was shoe-shopping as I really needed a couple of things for Spring.
I found a wonderful lime green wedge, and a pair of black/white really spiffy flats.
naturally, I walked over the the handbag department where there is COLOR
by the miles.  everything is color color color.
everything was also VERY EXPENSIVE.
I cannot remember prices being so very high.
&, of course, there is a customer for each & every piece in that department, I know.

now I know why I'm so proud of finding our lovely resource for the
Italian leather goods.
good job, Marsha !!

one more little (well, not really little...it's BIG...)
please go here and look at this video speech from TED...
it's for us American's, & it's something we need to know about,
support & participate in.