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Friday, October 21, 2016

The New Monochromatic #1

The Pantsuit by eula-eldridge-tolliver featuring a leather tote purse

“ Look at that face. The joys of being a parent (Source: http://ift.tt/2eFat4n)

well, they're monochromatic too, aren't they ??

I must tell you guys that as much as I love all things beautiful and fine, I love animals the MOST.
all animals.
I find myself smiling when I come across a particularly great photo of them.
giraffes, dogs, horses, chickens, birds, pigs,
oh well, I forgot all birds are called fowl, but everything has a heart & instincts, and as far as I can they all have feelings too.

have a wonderful weekend...enjoy the NFL football games,
or even the high school football games.
hug you pets !!!

I love you !!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Looks Like Something I Might Do

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even though I love sleek, clean, orderly....
when I'm working & where I'm working 
often resembles this room...
the good thing?  I have orderly piles !

but, in spite of all this, I'm finding this room very very comfortable-looking, 
probably lived-in by someone very intelligent.

what about you?
do you see anything you like here?


Thank Goodness The Debates Are OVER !
my nerves are shattered !!
this has gone on for FAR too long, so along with term limits we should also have limits on the amount of time a campaign can go on.

& we all know that no matter who wins the election we, as Americans, will support the President.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


 I don't know about you, but most of my friends are already
Christmas shopping, hostess-gift shopping, etc.
so when I came across these guys I just stopped in my tracks!

love love love all of this + anything else artist, Vicki Sawyer, does.

Bianca Lunch Napkin (min

 tablesetting from Nyla Free Designs

click here 
to find these beauties, + other great art items by designer 
Vicki Sawyer


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Little Night Music + More

the movie review of The Accountant is below


I know I know...there are plenty of us who wouldn't be able to wear this skimpy little top,
however, for the young ones I think this is beautiful.
it actually doesn't show a thing !!   well, except that it's also backless...
it's SO on trend I just had to post about it...

in stock & available in sizes 0-12 HERE

& for the really grand evenings....

isn't this LITTLE NUMBER simply to D.I.E. for ?

Rachel Gilbert Makenna Off-the-Shoulder Long-Sleeve Gown, Black:

& then there's this divine LITTLE BLACK DRESS
almost all of us can wear.
you know I LOVE the flounce !!!


We decided to see this one, instead of Deepwater Horizon (& I love Mark Wahlberg!)
& we were correct.

The movie is really really interesting, there is a short scene where I found the self-inflicted
violence too difficult to watch but, otherwise, I was OK with that.

I hadn't read too much about the movie so I was amazingly surprised by the
constantly moving story.  There are many twists you may not see coming.

If you want to be entertained, go see this.
Ben is great in this role as a child of Autism who has grown into a
mathematical genius who functions at a very high level.

I think we will see this character again in a sequel...
mix Jason Bourne, A Beautiful Mind & Rain Man into one & you'll have it.

& there are many parts where you'll laugh out loud...not a bad thing !


well, this is what you would call a total gut job


15 Spectacular Before and After Kitchen Makeovers Photos | Architectural Digest:


15 Spectacular Before and After Kitchen Makeovers Photos | Architectural Digest:

The main kitchen in the Skaneateles, New York, home of recycling entrepreneur Adam Weitsman and his wife, Kim.

The home was renovated by Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors and decorated by McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors. Lanterns by Formations are suspended in the main kitchen, which has cabinetry painted in a Benjamin Moore off-white, a Rohl sink with Lefroy Brooks fittings, and a Gaggenau cooktop and oven.

via Architectural Digest

Image result for adam weitsman house

what a serene setting...
wonder what it looks like in winter?

but, otherwise, isn't it just about perfect for a big sprawling
country home?


Friday, October 14, 2016

Something Every Woman Needs ....

as we round the bend into the cooler months, putting our summer
clothes away to make room for the warmer 
 stuff we'll need....the 1st things I reach for are my

I've found I use them endlessly.
even to the point of tatteredliness.
you know why?
cause they're EASY.

& because they LOOK so great,
no matter what I'm wearing underneath I feel "finished."
you know?


here are 5 new ones in my shop right this minute
(click on the icon at top left sidebar to reach shop, then look under APPAREL)

I, personally, love the American Indian vibe to these pieces,
& they "look" SO Ralph Lauren, don't they?

2016 New Winter Scarf Women Cashmere Poncho Cape Warm Scarves India Ethnic Style Shawl Z-3451:

they are ONLY  $68  each

very light-weight & very soft & cuddly
made of new techno fiber
(don't laugh, even the top haute designers are using
these new fibers)

believe me, you won't find anything like this anywhere
for this price.
lots of stuff available, but NOTHING with this style & pizazz.

drop from "V" at back of neck to top of fringe:  31"
width from front all the way around to front:  52"
length from front to back:  64"

pattern repeat: the hem at the front looks like the hem at the back, therefore, the back looks exactly like the front.
there is no bold center-back pattern.
close-ups of fabric below

Displaying IMG_0908.JPG

Displaying IMG_0910.JPG

Displaying IMG_0909.JPG



Thursday, October 13, 2016


Décor Inspiration : An Apartment in Mallorca, Spain
Amador, the designer/owner,  nostalgic for his native island, led him to create this house, first in his mind and then on the ground. He used local materials and fresh decor to catch the light he so yearned for.
When something is carried in the blood, it emgerges sooner or later. 
The story of the architect Amador Calafat-Busquets is a good example.
 32 years ago, the Spaniard fell in love with a German girl and decided to start a new life in Hamburg in northern Germany. There has developed a brilliant career, has formed a family and is happy, but always, always a part of their soul has taken refuge in his native island. 
In the winter nights in the cold city where he lives, he used to remember his native Mallorca, longing for the Mediterranean air, the scent of rosemary and blue, clear sky. It was one of those chilly nights when Amador imagined a house in Mallorca. Gradually, the house was growing in his mind: the ground, drawings, materials, artisans ... Five years ago,  already finished in his imagination: it was time to make it happen.
"Almost every summer we were on vacation to the island, but we were going to hotels or rented houses. My dream was to have her own place, created to our liking. " Newly built and near Santanyí, southeast of the island, the house respects the Majorcan architectural tradition, with local stone, clay tiles, wooden shutters ... "it is one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca and, in addition, several friends have homes nearby. Many people on the island live Hamburg until there is a hill they call 'the Hamburg Mountain,' "says Amador in fun.
The garden is full of native species such as wild olives, carob and oleander, and in the pergola surrounding the house dominates the bougainvillea, whose flowers are in the passionate family. "The project was born with the inner courtyard. For me, it is the heart of the house and it was from here that I created everything else. Rural homes on the island have a yard like this, heir to the Roman atriums, which serves as a distributor to the rooms and the lights , "Amador said.
Also the interiors have managed to collect the spirit of sober elegance of the Majorcan "possessions". The main room is formed by the lounge and dining room, connected by an elegant Mallorcan stone arch, while -always rooms prepared for children or friends of the owners- are located on the top floor, each with its own bathroom and private dressing room 
The master bedroom, with custom white cabinets, is another dream come true. And everywhere, doors and open to make way for the light and air of Mallorca windows.

A patio in pink


Dinning room

Dining room to the kitchen

On the porch
Magic moments
 via el mueble
 go here for the full story and all the beautiful photos

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Gene Blouse and Barrow Pant - Outfits - New Arrivals | Lafayette 148 New York:

I'm LOVING this color for Fall/Holiday !!!

you already knew this from my previous post though, didn't you?

this BLOUSE, with the tiny cap sleeve, just has it all,
beautiful powder pink silk just floats on the body

& also comes in this color

Water Washed Silk Gene Blouse - Blouses & Shirts - New Arrivals | Lafayette 148 New York:

& if you're like me, there's always a need for a DRESS

Mirasol Dress and Triple Drop Necklace - Outfits - New Arrivals | Lafayette 148 New York:

just another thought....

items in similar colors are great for travel (or anytime)
because you use the same accessories.

& to me, accessories are VITAL
they are what says it all about the outfit.

Houston is cooling down a bit, almost the middle of
walking my little Maltese boy, Bono, is just so much more fun now...for him and for ME !!!

by cozykozue https://www.instagram.com/p/5M5G35jv7e/

more pink 

“  Street Style at Paris Fashion Week, October 2016


Monday, October 10, 2016


I think my reader's have the fashion savvy to understand basic dressing.
we've gotten to the point that we know what works for us, right?

however, FASHION itself has CHANGED so much in recent seasons
that unless we're paying really good attention we might miss some of the fine-tuning
going on.

for one thing...fashion is more casual and a lot younger-looking,
but younger-looking in a way all of us can embrace, especially in Fall/Winter/Holiday.

look at Iris Apfel...none of us would dare criticize her, would we?
she's earned every single eccentricity !!
& she's still a fashion icon.

today...the outfit(s) below are just an experiment in having a single pair of pants,
they could even be black pants...
a lovely silk blouse
3 jackets
4 shoes
2 bags

& let's think about wearing some of these items, especially the high-tops.
as well as the un-matching shades of burgundy/violets/pinks....
this is the way it's done today

no one would ever accuse me of BASIC DRESSING  

ELEGANT DRESSING is what I'm all about.
elegant goes anywhere anytime.

but elegant doesn't mean BLACK either.

I go everywhere...from football stadiums, grocery shopping to black-tie balls,
and the ONLY thing I know for certain is that I look elegant.
elegant with an edge.
elegant with a touch of whimsy.

the high-tops are edgy
the whimsy are the earrings.

what do YOU THINK?