Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oh, my gosh !!!!!

In the powder room of a Texas mansion designed by Kara Childress and Newberry Campa Architects, a Louis XV mirror is set into a niche above a Siena marble sink with 1940s bronze fittings; the painting is 18th-century French.

of course, from Architectural Digest.

absolutely beautiful and so not overdone.
the Italian in me adores this look.

do you?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

On A Lily Pad in A Rain Storm

I know we all feel this way sometimes.

don't we?

I'm thanking the RED UMBRELLA,
lucky to have the red umbrella.

my fundraising for the Houston Hurricane victims
will end when JJ Watt's ends.  so very soon.

successful beyond everyone's expectations.

and while I didn't go out and actually get wet and help people
to safely, so many people did, including JJ.

I called, I emailed, I blogged, I InstaGrammed, I texted
I know.

some members of my family were in the thick of it helping 
out where ever needed and where ever they were.

rescued animals re-located.
baby supplies delivered
& seniors helped to safety and provided whatever they needed.

oh, I don't think I told you, I filed a FEMA claim on behalf
of one of my bestie's sons, who could not do it himself.
he's destroyed, but he & his  4 dogs are OK.
his house is gone gone, down the Brazos river somewhere,
tractor under water,
1 vehicle submerged too.

FEMA is slow because the needs are epic!

so, now, on Monday I'm going on a little vacay to
Santa Fe.


on another note:

someone comments ANONYMOUSLY often,
saying very negative things about me & my blog posts.

I know we all experience this from time to time.
I get anonymous comments that are actually just SPAM,
but THIS PERSON is just plain mean. 
Unfortunately, I think I know who it is, which makes
me even more unhappy.

that being said, when I tell you guys ANYTHING it is
to share with you, never to brag or to put myself up high.
NEVER would I do this.
yet, this is the only thing this person sees.

there are a few ladies I might miss hearing from.

this woman doesn't upset me anymore, it just makes
me realize that sometimes, in life, there is a person who just
plain doesn't like you!
& that's OK, except she's making it public.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Loving this Dark Paint Color in the Bedroom...

I have an antique 4-Poster Bed 
in My Guest Bedroom, it's really high off the floor
so I have a little bench alongside to step up on & throw yourself upon the bed.

I have actually had all the bed coverings made 
including the long dust ruffle and the
overlay comforter bedspread, all the pillows, the drapery...
but seeing this in all white is making me swoon, 
especially as fall and winter are coming.

nothing, however, can take the place of the actual real marble fireplace in this beautiful
Brooklyn town home.
don't have that in my guest room.

once again a PSA (public service announcement)

to all of my readers & InstaGram followers who have
so generously donated to the victims of
Houston's Hurricane Harvey.

nothing nothing nothing prepared me for the outreach,
for the love and donations we have received.

you know who you are
you also know I LOVE YOU !!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

To OSCAR with Love

this is from his new SPRING 2018 collection yesterday,
but I would wear it right now !!

I know it takes a tall woman, but that I am.

do you guys like it ???

I've almost got my FALL BOX OF LUXURY ready to preview.
maybe tomorrow for all of you to see the contents.

sending love from "soggy but happy" Houston !!

Monday, September 11, 2017

What A Woman Needs

Tie-Cuff Mock-Neck Top

I know, I know, it's ONLY for us TALL girls...
but isn't this just about awesome?

beautiful wool mock neck sweater with chiffon ruffles on the sleeves.

think cocktail, or like BG showed today, with a denim skirt.
the denim skirt is NOT me at all, but I really really really love this top.

find IT HERE
for me, this piece will last a lifetime if I want it to.

so happy to receive so many nice comments about the little doggie & the mindless neighbor.

thank you, my friends.....

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dogs & Kitchens

see the dog's bowl on the floor?
I know I would like these people.

and, here, the dog is in the kitchen with the door open so he can go in & out.
I used to do this for FiFi, my Poodle, because she was afraid to enjoy the
outside if the door was closed.  like her own kind of separation anxiety.

the point of all this is:

one of my single women neighbors down the hall has a beautiful white
half Poodle, half something else, called MiMi.

MiMi has had tumors, large tumors on her side & tummy.
finally the puppy broke open one of the tumors and had to be
rushed to surgery to repair this.  she did well.

the owner had a hard time deciding to have a 2nd surgery for the
doggie as the vets told her it was very difficult and would be life-threatening.
but she went ahead with the surgery after struggling all day about it.

the little dog came through after being at the vet's for 24 hours.

then, this woman texted me to ask if I could look in on MiMi while she went out to dinner !!!

I was so worried about the dog that I thought the owner should stay with her just in case.

in the end, she found someone else to look in on MiMi and the owner went out to dinner.

what would you have done ??????

was I a bad friend????

Saturday, September 9, 2017

HEMS? Going Down

Beaded Satin Slit-Sleeve Midi Dress

this is one of the most spectacular dresses I've seen coming into this Fall's season.

beautiful front & back of beaded satin

ahhhh, this is one to have for sure

seriously, going forward ALL hemlines are lower,
no matter your age.

of course, there's always going to be mini's,
but for Fall/Winter THIS YEAR
the LOOK is longer

Thursday, September 7, 2017


velvet embroidered pillows with tassels

Rooster mug

Rooster Mug

Chiavari chair with embroidered moth

Chiavari Chair with Embroidered Seat Cushion

Fumus, cameo candle

Cameo Candle

just doing my job keeping you fully apprised of what's happening
while the hurricane spins into Florida.

I don't think anyone in America will be shopping this weekend, we'll all be
watching to see how we can help our fellow Americans.

But, Gucci surprises ALWAYS
this year with FLOWERS ON APPAREL

now with GUCCI DECOR


special note:
my precious friend, Tina, from The Enchanted Home
has lost their beloved doggie, Teddy. 
I am grieving with her as I know exactly what this feels like.
anyone who has ever loved a dog knows what
this is like.
he will be waiting at The Rainbow Bridge for the family.